3 Ways to Ensure You Drink Clean Water

Updated on October 26, 2020

Water is said to be life! Drinking water, especially which is clean is a basic need. Water has so many benefits to our bodies for instance providing nourishment, getting rid of toxins, prevention disease, losing weight, and maintaining regularity within your body. Several ways are used to clean water for drinking and, one of them is through water treatment. 

Benefits of water treatment

So many benefits come with water treatment. Some of them include:

  • Clean water is good for appliances

Water that is softened or treated makes your appliances work efficiently, for instance, a washing machine. Your appliances last longer, you use fewer products and, the outcome is desirable as opposed to using untreated or hard water.

  • Clean water is essential for your health

Clean water is superb for your health and well-being. Drinking water is useful to your body in ways such as lubricating joints, boosting skin health, regulating body temperature, and flushing out toxins. Also, it helps in maintaining blood pressure, help in your brain function, protecting body tissues, protecting joints, prevent constipation, nutrient absorption, forming saliva, and mucus among other vital benefits. Without clean water, you cannot maintain a healthy body system.

  • Protection from harmful organisms

Untreated water contains so many harmful organisms. These organisms can cause diseases and such as diarrhea, cholera, stomach ache, and vomiting. Water treatment eliminates these organisms by killing them and making water safe for use.

  • Reduce pollution

When you purchase bottled water and not drink it from home, then you are encouraging pollution. The plastic material used in bottled water is not good for the environment and, this has adverse effects in the long run. 

  • Minimize water shortage

When you have an advanced treatment system, you can avoid instances of losing water due to calamities or any other reasons. Some factors that can attribute to the loss of water are intense natural calamities such as flooding and frozen pipes. Water treatment ensures that you keep track of your water and make necessary adjustments to ensure there is free flow.

  • Improves taste

Arsenic treatment in water for drinking betters its taste and appearance. The tap aftertaste is eliminated and water becomes enjoyable to drink. The water also becomes clear and free from impurities. 

Water treatment

This means working on the quality of water to render it safe for use or consumption. Some forms of water treatment are:

Arsenic removal of water

Arsenic gets in water in the form of rocks and soil. It gets into drinking water when the levels of water for instance, in a well drops significantly. Through this form of water treatment, you get to have water that is of good quality and eliminate toxic water substances which can result in chronic poisoning. The method is also environmental friendly, 

Filtration systems.

Filtration systems help to remove particles from water. This can be done through straining, sedimentation, and surface capture. Filtration systems help to remove elements from drinking water that make it harmful to your health, you save money as opposed to buying water from drinking, and, you reduce potential plumbing issues. Also, water filtration can go a long way in alleviating skin issues brought about by the use of dirty water such as eczema, it reduces limescale and buildups in pipes, and, you get to enjoy cleaner clothes and surfaces.

Water distillation systems.

Water distillation systems are meant to purify water. They help to remove any contaminants and microorganisms in water. Depending on the chemical characteristics of the contaminant, distillation can remove microorganisms effectively. Other benefits of water distillation as a method of water treatment are: It protects your body from contaminants, your teeth are protected from too much fluoride, and, you save the environment from pollution.


Contaminated water is known to cause chronic illnesses and in the worst-case scenario, cancer. Reduce your risk of such illnesses by ensuring you drink clean water. Clean water is beneficial to our lives and essential for living. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that you use clean water at all times, or take measures to ensure that contaminated water is made safe for use.

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