10 Tips for Managing Anxiety During COVID-19

Updated on October 12, 2021

Feeling anxious is natural because it can help in avoiding danger, which we have evolved to keep safe. Even if you don’t consider yourself as an anxious person, you might feel anxious when there is uncertainty or change.

If you find yourself feeling worried or anxious during these times, then don’t worry because you are not alone. It is normal to have anxiety because it can be helpful in some cases. Research done during pandemics in the past showed people who were worried were more likely to do things to help like washing hands frequently.

There are times when anxiety is unhelpful. Below are some of the tips from https://www.medicareadvantage2021.org that can help you can keep anxiety away when things start getting overwhelming for you.

1. Channel the anxious energy into action: getting informed, planning, and preparing

We start getting anxious when we feel things are out of our control, and when we think we don’t have the skills, ability, and capacity to cope. What anxiety does is to trick you to think about the worst-case scenario in detail.

You should not worry, instead focus on what you can control. Learn more about COVID-19, but make sure you only use trusted sources. Follow government directives and advice and also have a plan on what your family will do in case of quarantine or isolation.

2. Limiting or avoiding misinformation and unhelpful media

If you keep yourself exposed to constant and anxiety-inducing stories, you will start getting convinced that there is something to panic about, and this will make the situation even worse. The rumors, myths, and misinformation will not make things easier for you. The more you hear and read about something, the more frightening it becomes, and it takes away the chance of getting distracted and doing things that help in taking our minds off it.

While you might be tempted to keep up to date with information, or hard to escape, try to limit exposure to such media because it is going to help you avoid panic.

3. Cutting down or stopping behaviors that fuel your anxiety

There are some actions when done frequently can lead to anxiety about germ-phobia and health. When you focus too much on your bodily symptoms and using google to diagnose yourself can leave you feeling anxious and with panic.

You should be aware of such behaviors, how they make you feel, then replace them with more helpful coping strategies that are going to helpYou should be aware of behaviors such as this one and evaluate how they make you feel. Afterward, replace them with better coping strategies which can help alleviate your feelings of anxiety. If in case nothing seems to work no matter how hard you try, then you can visit the Phobiaman website and discover their surefire ways of helping you cope with your fears.

4. Staying focused on today, and taking each day one step at a time

You should be focusing on now instead of the future or the past. Live in the moment and live one day at a time.

5. Try being aware of negative thoughts and denying them too much power

Just because you think about something does not make it true. When you keep worrying a lot, consider taking a step back, then let worries go away without giving them too much focus. 

6. Looking after your body

Exercise, get enough sleep, eat well, avoid excessive alcohol and drugs, and avoid smoking. This is going to help protect your immune system and mental health.

7. Staying connected with others

Sharing your worries with others will make a huge difference because you will be connecting with people who are supportive. Start connecting with supportive people to avoid feeling lonely and isolated. Try out new ways of connecting with others.

8. Helping others, being kind and compassionate

When you help other people, you will end up feeling better too. Everyone is having it hard, so the best thing to do is being kind and compassionate to each other. 

9. Taking a breath

When feeling overwhelmed, take slow and deep breaths because it will help calm you down. Look for activities that make you feel relaxed (e.g. walking, or listening to music).

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