Why Recovery Rehab Aftercare is Important

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An aftercare treatment once the patient is out of the rehabilitation centre is as important as the recovery itself. A patient who has just recovered from addiction can still get unpredictable. Their body is still undergoing withdrawal that is why they can be prone to relapse. So, monitoring them even after the treatment will help them to fully recover. It is important when looking for rehab centers by state to find out that offers good aftercare programs. Here are the reasons that will make you understand why:

1. It helps maintain the progress of the recovery

The patient’s aftercare program must ensure that he or she is getting the right recovery treatment at home. This helps in maintaining the progress and also in avoiding what could disrupt that progress. The people around and the environment all have influences on the patient’s recovery. Aftercare can also involve the help and assistance of the patient’s family and friends.

2. Aftercare treatments monitor the patient to prevent relapse

According to statistics, 50% to 90% of patients that have recovered tend to relapse. This means that without proper monitoring, a loved one who recovered from addiction has a high chance to get into substance abuse again. This is what aftercare is trying to avoid. That is why it is important that rehabilitation programs should have a good after recovery treatment.

3. It assists the patient to also progress mentally and emotionally

Once a patient is out of treatment, he or she has to go back into their normal lives. This means that they either have to go back to school or find a work that could support them. During this time, the patient can be prone to emotional and mental instability once they start to question their purpose or their path in life. Once this happens, there is a possibility that they’ll go back with substance abuse. A good aftercare program will continually guide a patient up to the process of self-discovery until the person succeeds.

4. It helps in improving the patient’s lifestyle

Furthermore, a recovery rehab aftercare can help a patient to fully change his or her lifestyle. One aftercare program that can continually guide a patient to a new life is the Twelve Step Program. This program is mostly done through meetings and other gatherings that consist of all people who have been recovered from the same condition. By sharing their recent achievements regarding their addiction recovery, each of the people involved will be able to acknowledge that addiction exists and it can be harmful. It is also a good way for them to realize that they are capable of changing their past behaviours for the betterment of their lives.

There are a lot of aftercare methods that could ensure that a recovering patient is veering away from relapsing. Addiction is a serious matter that should be addressed and rehabilitation treatments should all be capable of providing aftercare needs. Life is on the line here, so, as a person concerned of a loved one, it is your duty to do your part by finding the right therapy and program for him or her. 

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