Why Are Fish Oils Beneficial to Your Body?

Updated on April 22, 2020

Does your family have a history of heart disease? If yes, then there are a lot of little adjustments that you can do each day to improve your health significantly. Eating healthy and keeping an active lifestyle may help reduce your risks of getting heart disease. Another little thing that you could include in your diet is the regular intake of fish oils

We have all heard the benefits of eating fish. Fish has high-protein content and is a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered as the “good” fat since they a family of essential fatty acids that your body needs. Your body cannot produce Omega-3 fatty acids, so you must get them from your regular diet. However, you may not have the opportunity to eat fish regularly. Fortunately, you can get your required daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils. 

What are the health benefits of fish oils? 

Fish oils come from oily fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel, and tuna. The main ingredient of fish oil is omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oils also contain Vitamins A and D. There are two types of Omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish oil that provides specific health benefits for the body. 

  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

DHA is a component of your body’s cells and is an essential component of your skin that holds its structural integrity. DHA is necessary for your brain because DHA comprises over 90 percent of all the omega-3 fatty acids that your mind needs. When your body cannot produce significant amounts of DHA, taking fish oils as supplements will give you the amounts that your body needs to maintain brain health. 

  • Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)

EPA is an omega-3 fatty acid that your body uses to produce eicosanoids that signal your body to fight inflammation. EPA is also associated with the reduction of the symptoms of depression. 

The high concentrations of DHA and EPA in fish oils may give your body the following benefits. 

  • Improved Mental Health

DHA is responsible for making it easier for cells to receive and send electronic signals among themselves. Therefore, adequate amounts of DHA in your body will produce for more efficient communication between body cells. When you isolate the benefit of DHA in the brain, creating more efficient communication between brain cells will allow your mind to become more active. When your brain cells communicate correctly, your memory will stay sharp, your risk of getting Alzheimer’s will also reduce, and your overall brain functions will not be impaired.  

  • Improved Cardiovascular Activities

EPA found in fish oils have anti-inflammatory properties, which helps the body improve blood circulation. When the distribution of your blood within your body is flowing smoothly, then you will reduce your risks of getting heart diseases and inflammations. Improved blood circulation will also be a factor in reducing the number of plaque buildups within your arteries as well as keeping your blood pressure at normal levels. 

  • Improve Cholesterol Levels

Since fish oils contain Omega-3 fatty acids, they are a good source of good cholesterols, which can reduce the blood pressure of people who have elevated levels. 

Fish oils will help your body get the right amounts of fat without increasing bad cholesterols. It gives your brain cells better communication to reduce mental health and improves your blood circulation to prevent cardiovascular-related illnesses. 

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