What is Graduate Entry Medicine?

Updated on December 17, 2018

Graduate entry medicine means accelerated medicine courses that provide science and biomedical science graduates to transfer to a higher year of medicine. There are several opportunities to study graduate entry medicine in English in Europe. Several countries in abroad such as Poland and Ukraine are offering fantastic high quality medical and dental courses. 

Tuition Fees

In the UK, science graduates have the option to pursue medicine in 4 years only. This is accepted by the GMC as students have covered science subjects in their degree. This allows students to have the academic skills and knowledge to study fast-track medicine. However, these courses are very expensive. The UK tuition fees used to be around £3000 per year in pre-2012 days, but the significant increase in fees post-2012 to over £9000 per year has made all medical applicants think twice about their pursuing their dream of studying medicine. 

Thankfully, the opportunity to pursue your dream for affordable tuition fees is not off the tables! Many British and International students are now heading to Europe to pursue their dream of studying medicine. European English-taught medical universities offer degrees for 6 years, with the option of decreasing the years to as little as 3 years for biomedical science and other science bachelor degree graduates. 

Entrance Exams

The benefits of pursuing medicine in Europe are the courses are shorter, cheaper and are less competitive to get into compared to the UK. Students do not need to sit endless entrance exams and interviews. Students do not have to sit the GAMSAT, UKCAT or BMAT. 

Is the graduate entry into medicine hard?

Nothing worth getting in life is easy. If it’s your dream to study medicine, then no doubt will you even consider going to the moon to achieve it. Many doctors have worked tirelessly to reach the level of success they have reached. However, if you’re hungry enough to be a doctor then nothing will stop you. 

Enthusiastic students are very successful in completing the accelerated 4-year medicine course. You will always get plenty of support to study and prepare for your degree. 

Why graduate medicine?

Graduates who choose to pursue the 4 year medical program decide because every year they are getting older. There is no point in repeating the same pre-clinical classes that they already studied. Students can save time, years and effort. Doing a shorter course also means you’ll pay less tuition fees, less living costs and buy less flight tickets, and most importantly you’re going to become a doctor sooner.

Do I meet the requirements?

Anyone with a science or health related degree qualifies to apply. The number of years you can do medicine or dentistry in is usually shortened by the number of years you’ve studied. Many of the current graduates on the medicine programs are from backgrounds as graduates of Biology, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Sciences, Medical Biology, Biomedical Sciences and so on. 

Overall, choosing to pursue graduate medicine depends on how confident you are in your academic abilities. There are several agencies out there to help students find the most appropriate route for them is. Medlink Students was founded by a team of doctors to furnish the opportunities for you and assist you with the process of studying medicine abroad. 

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