TRT San Diego: Do you Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy

There are a lot of men that has a low level of testosterone. They often show an improved level in energy, sex drive, and can even change their mood right after they have undergone a testosterone treatment at TRT San Diego. So the question then is when should you do a testosterone replacement therapy.

You should slow your horses down, however. Having low testosterone levels does not necessarily mean that you automatically need treatment. It is worth noting that TRT does have certain side effects. And what is more scary is that, in the long-term, there may be risks that are not yet known. On the plus side, there may also be other benefits that are yet to be discovered. As of today, doctors would recommend that only those men that do exhibit some symptoms relating to having low testosterone levels should consider undergoing TRT. The best way for you to find out is to ask your doctor about it and have you undergo a few tests.

TRT San Diego:  The Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels

The reason why it took awhile for TRT to hit mainstream is the subtlety of the symptoms that low testosterone levels have. Even today, most doctors automatically rule out the condition and explore other means before trying out TRT. There are also some obvious symptoms as would be discussed later but for now, let us talk about some of the more common ones.

Lower Libido – Sex is a basic human need, thus, the lowering of libido can affect men in more ways than simply letting out steam. The act is necessary in healthy relationships especially if the couple is trying to gain a child. Having a low sex drive can also make a man lose confidence in the face of other people that he has to interact with. 

Erectile Dysfunction – Similar to how low libido can affect a man’s life, erectile dysfunction harbors the same kind of problem. Having this condition can lead to loss in confidence and can plunge a man into depression if not managed properly.

Fatigue – Some people tend to blame the low energy levels to getting old. But, there is a main difference in slowly losing athleticism to suddenly having no energy to walk a few steps. Low testosterone levels can lead someone to drain more energy to do the same tasks that he used to do.

Losing Muscle Mass – Muscles are oftentimes only lost when we are not eating well enough. Having lower T levels however can also cause muscles to degenerate and further add up to the lower tolerance to fatigue.

Hair Loss – One of the greatest mysteries of our time is why male pattern baldness still has no cure. The reason for this might be because the exact cause is not always as obvious. For instance, we tend to accept that it is entirely genetic. However, stress , fatigue, and now, lower T levels have been pointed as possible causes.

Lack of Focus – Low T levels can cause a man to have a difficult time trying to focus. The reason for this is that the brain can sense the imbalance of hormones in the body. Thus, while trying to solve the problem, the brain might be forced to overwork itself and damaging our normal thought pattern in the process.

Depression – Today, it is now widely accepted that depression is indeed a clinical problem that cannot simply be solved by talking. And now, we also know that one of the main reasons why men spiral in depression is because of the low T levels.

When a man has symptoms of low T levels and that the tests would show that he has an unusually low levels of testosterone, the attending physician may give the go signal to try out TRT San Diego. There are quite a lot of men that also have low T levels but do not show the same symptoms described above. In these cases, therapy might not be needed at all. It is also worth noting that T levels normally drop as we are older and when this is the cause of the low T levels then there would be no purpose in undergoing the therapy.

TRT San Diego:  How the Treatment Works

There are a lot of ways to administer the treatment to men. Depending on the budget and the time that you have, you may choose one of the following options.

Skin Patch – This is the least invasive of the options available. The way it works is that the doctor will prescribe you a patch that you have to stick to your body. The testosterone will be absorbed by the body through the skin. When undergoing the treatment, you would normally have to apply it at least once everyday.

Gels: Similar to the skin patch but a bit more messier is the gel. The gel has the same kind of substances used by a skin patch but you can rub it on your body to have a better flexibility in choosing where to apply it.

Mouth patch: A mouth patch is a patch that is put inside your mouth. It is put on the upper part of your mouth just beyond the front teeth. The patch will have to be applied twice everyday.

Injections and implants: The most invasive but possibly the most effective is by injections and implants. The way it works is that the testosterone will be directly injected into your bloodstream. This could be the most effective but can also be the most expensive option.

Oral testosterone in the form of pills used to exist but it was discovered that it had a nasty side effect on the liver. Though the pills are technically still available, doctors often caution against its use and recommend one of the options shown above.

TRT San Diego:  How the Treatment Works

Aside from stopping the symptoms as shown earlier, there are also other benefits that can be had if testosterone levels are brought back to normal.

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