Top 7 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

Updated on July 4, 2020

Teeth usually require extraction for one of two reasons; either due to severe degradation or due to periodontal disease. Since almost half of the adult population battles periodontitis, it’s no wonder that millions of people have lost at least one tooth. Coupled with the fact is that about forty million people have no natural teeth, which is a substantial amount of tooth loss. 

Replacement options are usually limited to a partial or full denture or bridge. Although such options are typically available, implants are often the best choice to replace missing teeth. 

Tooth implants could be used to replace one or more teeth and sometimes used to support a denture or as a bridge structure. We discuss the top five reasons why implants are your best option as follows.

Natural Looks

Implants appear like crowns, and when done properly, they’re not distinct from your other natural teeth. When a cap is installed and the implant is complete, you won’t even think it’s distinct from your other teeth. It’ll just look natural and feel as good as having your own tooth back.

No Decay

As implants have titanium bases and they resist decay. When properly maintained, you will not have to worry about future implant diagnosis. Maintaining proper home care habits is a must as implants can still suffer from peri-implantitis; consider this as the periodontal disease implant variant. Normal flossing will be slightly different due to the implant contour, but this will be addressed with your dentist when treatment is complete. If you’re using a water flosser, that’s no problem. And if you do happen to face some problems along the way, visit the Lombard Dental Studio for a check-up.

Improved Quality of Life

Most dental patients are happy with them. They can be hard to adapt to when you’re used to natural teeth, however. When a tooth is extracted, the bone may deteriorate over time. This leads to unsuitable dentures because it often slides around or clicks. 

Patients can usually use a normal adhesive to temporarily patch a loose denture. Implant placement is an option that can reduce or even replace the disadvantages of restoring missing teeth with dentures. Implants are created to help patients chew food and speak naturally after tooth loss. They prevent the collapse of surrounding teeth and maintain integrity and bone health. Overall, positioning implants have great long-term benefits.

Improved Facial and Bone Features

Dental implants protect natural tooth tissue by removing the need for traditional partial dentures to cut adjacent teeth. This will also preserve bone, significantly reducing bone resorption and weakening which results in loss of jawbone length. Implants also restore the jawbone structure by reducing the pressure on the residual oral structures/teeth and retaining natural tooth tissue. Overall, your facial features will remain as normal with implants whereas dentures may well change your appreance.


Most restorations, including dentures, don’t last forever. Patients with dentures need regular fit adjustments as bone levels decline. Bridges can last ten years, but an implant can last for the duration of one’s life. If properly placed, an implant’s success is nearly 98%. It’s about as close as you can get to a factual guarantee! Implants last so much longer than many individuals realize.

Preserve Remaining Teeth

As discussed earlier, an implant retains bone density and integrity. This has no effect on adjacent teeth. The same applies to partial dentures or bridges. Bridges cover a blank gap with 2 teeth. If anything happens to either of these two natural teeth, the whole bridge can not be used and is removed. Partial dentures utilize remaining teeth for protection, which can cause gingival problems, putting unreasonable force on the natural teeth. An implant protects itself without stressing natural teeth.

Improved Ability to Chew and Eat

Like natural teeth, dental implants are rooted in your jawbone. They help preserve the jawbone over time and substantially mitigate bone resorption. Substituting missing teeth with tooth implants helps you to chew easier and talk more clearly.

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