Top 5 Weed Killers on the Market

Updated on December 3, 2019

Weeds are the bane of most gardeners, and they can devastate even the most well-kept garden. It comes as no surprise then, that lots of companies are trying to come up with new and better ways to deal with these hard to kill little organisms.

Herbicides, or weed killers, have been the number one choice for removing weeds for most gardeners for years. You need to be careful with these, though, they often contain potentially dangerous ingredients. Recently a large class-action lawsuit has been lodged against the Roundup brand. Users claim that using Roundup regularly has caused them to develop cancer. (If you think this has happened to you, make sure you see a Roundup weed killer lawyer as soon as possible.)

We have reviewed lots of herbicides on the market and have chosen the top 5 safest and most effective. Here are our recommendations.

Compare-N-Save Concentrate Weed Killer

With the potential to treat 3000 square feet in every bottle, this concentrate mix is combined with water to make a spray solution. Simply add this to your preferred spray delivery system and apply it to your gardens walkways and drives to see extremely quick results.

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed Killer

This weedkiller is one of the safest on the market. The fast-acting treatment will begin to kill weeds within hours. The best thing about this weedkiller is that it is both environmentally friendly and completely safe for pets and humans. It is made from ocean water, vinegar, and soap.

RM43 Weed Killer

This weedkiller is the best solution if you need to treat fences paths barns and driveways. The concentrated formula is effective against most hard to kill weeds, bushes, and even trees. Applying this product could ensure you are weed free for up to one year. One bottle covers a whopping 16,500 square feet of land.

Hi-Yield 33693 Killzall Weed Killer

This product is best used to treat stumps and vine problems, but it is also great for rejuvenating your lawn too. With a concentration double surface formula, this weedkiller gets to work the second you apply it.

PBI/Gordon 652400 Weed Killer

Need to reseed your grass in a timely manner? This product allows you to do so, in just two weeks! It controls over 70 different unwanted weed types, including ground ivy and dandelion. One bottle will let you cover over 13,000 square feet.

Southern Ag 2, 4 – D Amine Weed Killer

Boasting an economical ratio of only 1 pint of solution per acre, this herbicide requires only 2 tablespoons mixed with 6 gallons of water to treat a massive 1000 square feet. Most effective on broadleaf and turf pastures, Southern Ag gets the job done in style.

Preen Extended Control Weed Preventer 

Finally, this product is actually a preventative. By spreading this granular product across your lawns and at-risk areas, you can stop weeds growing before they even start. Per application, one bottle of this should prevent weeds for six whole months.

There you have it, and if you are looking to keep your garden free from weeds, we suggest you use the products above for the best possible chance.

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