Tips for Setting Up a Dental Practice


Whether you are a newly qualified dentist or an experienced professional wanting to go it alone, there are a few things to consider before owning your own business. Here are tips for setting up a dental practice

Having A Clear Business Plan

Putting together a business plan is essential when taking steps to establish your own dental practice.


How you intend to finance your business is a significant issue. So this is to be established first as the cost of buying or leasing a premise, purchasing equipment, and hiring staff will be very expensive.   A business plan can also record your ideas, goals, and aspirations and assist you through the set-up process.

Location, Location, Location

Look for a property to buy or lease in an area with a high population but with few other dental practices. Locating your premises close to transport links and busy business areas will attract a good footfall.

Ensure the premises are in good repair and have all the space you require, but don’t have it overly spacious as you will be paying out for wasted space. Decorate the interior and exterior with a clean, eye-catching design.  A shabby, unclean environment will turn customers away and give the impression of inferior hygiene standards.  Having rooms enhanced with child-friendly pictures of murals will help children feel more relaxed during what can be quite a stressful experience.

Get the Right Equipment

Buy only essential equipment. Investing a bit more in well-made products should ensure saving on maintenance costs in the long term.  If it is of a superior standard and in good condition, it may be beneficial to buy top of the range products second hand. 

Offer Outstanding Service

Once you entice people to use your services, it’s important to keep them coming back. Make sure patients enjoy their experience by employing friendly, knowledgeable, and well-trained staff. Maintain work standards to a high level and keep up with new trends, technologies, and treatments.

As tooth problems can strike at any hour of the day, it benefits to offer an efficient communication system between practice and patients. Having a telephone answering service means that you are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People will appreciate this accommodating service, and it may mean you win clients from practices that do not have this feature. A professional telephone answering service means you can dispense with expensive landlines and use cell phones, saving a considerable amount of money. You will also save money on employing reception staff and having to fork out money to cover their wages, vacation, bonus, and sickness pay. 


Advertising your venture on social media, business and medical publications, or even on handmade flyers posted door to door will let the public know that you are established in the area. Offer limited discounts on treatment to get customers through the door. Encourage happy patients to report positive feedback by enticing them with free sample products or treatments. Make sure you talk to patients after their treatment to make sure they are happy. Show you care.

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