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The Disrupter in Point-of-Care:  Q&A with Vantix® Diagnostics


Steve Lufkin was determined to find a better way and he’s done it.  As CEO of Vantix® Diagnostics Lufkin is leading the charge to improve physician/patient interactions, increase healthcare efficiencies and improve patient outcomes. He is doing it through a compact, patented point-of-care (POC) system that provides immediate blood work results while patients are in the doctor’s office.  According to Lufkin, Vantix® Point of Care testing puts real time results in the hands of physicians and patients which will promote more patient–centered approaches to healthcare.  Below is the Q&A conducted with Steve Lufkin on their forward-thinking technology.

Why did you build a blood test machine for a doctor’s office?

Vantix® Diagnostics believes putting lab quality results in the hands of the physician at the time of the patient visit will change the entire landscape for physician and patient communication. Physicians have the attention of their patients when they are in the same room together which can ultimately impact adherence to recommended treatments.  But once the patient walks out and into a lab (often a day or week after the initial appointment) with results not provided until another week or two after that – the urgency fades and the potential for patient problems may increase.  Real-time on-the-spot testing, results and treatment plans will undoubtedly improve physician & patient interactions, increase healthcare efficiencies and improve patient outcomes.

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How does the Vantix® system work?

The Vantix® POC system is a diagnostic platform that can easily fit on any table in a healthcare office.  Requiring only a finger stick prick of blood from the patient – within a few minutes – the physician will have real time lab-quality results and know how to treat the patient.  The Vantix® system will be able to run some of the most common blood tests including cholesterol, sugar level, kidney function and thyroid.  The 15 tests Vantix® offers make up 25% of all tests ordered.


How does the technology work?

The Vantix® system consists of three integrated components: an instrument the Vantix®® Reader, a single use test panel the Vantix® Cartridge and a centralized web-based information management system the V-Lab™ web application.  The enabling technology is a proprietary and patented biosensor P3 Technology™.  The fully-automated diagnostic platform requires only a small amount of blood applied directly to the credit card-sized Vantix® Cartridge. 

Why are real-time results so important?

The emphasis of care is towards prevention and early detection of disease, as well as management of multiple chronic conditions.  Point of Care testing puts real time results in the hands of physicians and patients which promotes more patient –centered approaches to healthcare.  Studies show that the use of POC tests result in a reduction in morbidity and mortality and saves billions of healthcare dollars each year.  Doctors tell us that when they can discuss blood test results with their patients they see better compliance to treatment, an increased understanding of the health issue and improved overall health. They also agree that the Vantix® POC system will save them time and improve efficiencies for both the office staff and the patient.   For more info visit:

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