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Team of nurses sitting in a eeting
Healthcare Management

Hospitals Should Revisit Workforce Strategies to Address Re-Energized Unions Amid Worker Shortages

Cathy Loose

Strikes that led to significant gains for unionized health care made headlines last year.  Support for unions has reached its ...


In-room TV marketing systems can boost revenues, patient engagement

Adam DeRocher

Patients at hospitals and healthcare centers widely report that – in addition to good health outcomes – they want to ...

Clinical Care

Empowering Rare Disease Patients: Advancements in Technology and Global Collaboration

Deepti Dubey, Ph.D. and Harsha K Rajasimha, Ph.D.

In the intricate landscape of healthcare, patients with rare diseases often face a unique set of challenges. With approximately 11,000 ...

What Can Go Wrong During Clinical Trials?
Clinical Care

How to Operationalize Clinical Trial Diversity by Engaging Underrepresented Patients  

Catherine Ofori-Atta and Sandra Amaro

Today’s healthcare and biopharmaceutical organizations understand why engaging diverse patient populations in clinical research is essential. We recognize that disease ...

Behavioral Health

8 EHR Benefits for Large Behavioral Health Practices

Ram Krishnan

Efficient operations are the foundation of success for large behavioral health practices. As practices scale up, they often encounter unique ...