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Businessman using mobile smartphone. Application icons interface on screen. Social media concept

Cloud-Powered Digital Reimagination: Transforming Healthcare

Vijay Iyer

A few years ago, Satya Nadella declared cloud computing’s inevitability, and very quickly, businesses of all sizes are embracing it ...

Medicare Benefits
Clinical Care

Improving Star Ratings: Strategies for Smaller Medicare Advantage Plans

Marge Ciancetta

Maintaining stellar Star Ratings is a chief strategy for Medicare Advantage (MA) plans looking to enhance their financial stability with ...

Patient Experience

As medical bills rise, mental health decreases: can AI fill the gap?

Chaitali Sinha

External stressors – from work to family life – can cause real physical and mental health issues – but what ...

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Navigating the HTI-1 Final Rule

Jay Anders, MD

What EHR/EMR Vendors Need to Know About Algorithmic Transparency The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) recently ...


The Digital Transformation of Nursing

Connie Moser

The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed a profound transformation within the healthcare sector, revealing an urgent need to modernize and enhance ...