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Patient Experience

Restoring Patient Trust: Increasing Satisfaction and Retention Rates

Dr. Benjamin Barlow

Improving the patient experience during the COVID-19 pandemic was extremely challenging and mostly deprioritized as clinicians turned their full attention ...

Health care and medical services concept with flat line AR interface.success smart medical doctor with operating room.

Building the Smart Hospital of the Future

Bryan Merckling

The healthcare industry is undergoing a radical digital transformation, with hospitals adopting smart technologies to drive innovation and deliver better ...

Healthcare costs and fees concept.Hand of smart doctor used a calculator for medical costs in modern hospital with VR icon diagram

The Role of Payment Options in Health & Wellness Care

Erin Gadhavi

We’re in the middle of a major cultural shift around health and wellness. Many people are trying to make more ...

Patient Care

Healthcare Equity for Senior Asian Americans: A Cultural Perspective 

Hiep Pham

In recent times, there’s been a growing recognition within the medical field of the importance of cultural sensitivity in healthcare. ...


Weedgets and ACNA: A Groundbreaking Partnership for Healthier Cannabis Consumption

Daniel Casciato

Weedgets, an innovator in cannabis consumption technology, has announced a partnership with the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA) set to ...

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