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Tackling the Nursing Shortage: Three Ways Technology Can Help

Brianna Zink

For nearly 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of working within and alongside the healthcare industry. My journey began as ...

Artificial Intelligence

We Cannot Afford AI-Washing in Healthcare

Trey Sutten

It’s not hard to guess what motivates companies to overstate or make inaccurate claims about their use of AI. Having ...

Behavioral Health Practice
Behavioral Health

The new CMS plan to align primary care with behavioral health

Lynn Carroll

The connection between behavioral health and physical health is well-documented. Physical health is greatly affected by such behaviors as smoking, ...

Behavioral Health

Two Sides of One Coin – Clinical Obesity and Clinical Depression

Claudia Ryan

Rates of obesity and clinical depression are on the rise. Experts predict nearly 50% of Americans will have obesity by ...

Smiling doctor looking at a patient on a wheelchair in hospital hallway
Patient Experience

Elevating the Provider & Patient Relationship by Understanding Provider Diversity

Christine Lee

Healthcare is a universal human need, but not all patients experience it equally. While the healthcare industry has made significant ...

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