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Team of Surgeons Operating in the Hospital.

How Automation Helps Hospitals Improve Operating Room Access and Grow Revenue

Mudit Garg

It’s no secret that hospitals are struggling financially – and for many those struggles are likely to continue for the ...


Preparing for the Inevitable Wave of Physician Retirements

Tara Osseck

Your Practice’s Success is Riding on Succession Planning With the latest healthcare employment data projecting that nearly two of every ...


In Value-Based Healthcare, What Role Do MedTech Companies Play?

Paul Skodny

Value-based healthcare (VBHC) systems align payment and delivery systems by rewarding value over volume. That value is measured in terms ...

patients in a waiting room
Patient Experience

There’s a Patient Engagement Crisis Coming, But It Can Be Avoided

Chris Jones

It’s no secret that times are tough for hospital leaders. Inflationary and market-forced financial pressures are putting the same squeeze ...


Remedies for Healthcare Systems Amid Ongoing Financial Challenges

Henry Grady and Greg Oliver

Over the past three years, businesses across industries have had to contend with unprecedented challenges. Not-for-profit health systems and provider ...

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