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Clinical Care

Adapting to CMS-HCC Model v28

Leigh Poland

For the first time in a decade, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has overhauled its hierarchical condition ...

Best Practices

Reassessing the Roles and Responsibilities of the Physician Advisor

Ronald Hirsch

From declining reimbursements and increasing denials to the ongoing shift of services from hospitals to outpatient settings, healthcare is experiencing ...

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Is Your Culture Helping or Hurting Workplace Safety?   

Amanda Tilton

Workplace safety has become a top concern for nurses and direct care professionals. To attract and retain the best talent, ...


Cyberattacks: a Catalyst for Change in Healthcare 

Frank Forte

As 2023 ended, it was dismaying to see the final tally of reported data breaches across the healthcare industry, primarily ...


The Fog of War Is Not an Excuse for Covid Fraud

Roger Lewis

Is it possible to know what happens in the fog of war? Should combatants be held to account for their ...

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