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Clinical Care

Connected BGM: An innovative approach to advancing access in diabetes care

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

Blood glucose monitoring has been around for over four decades, but does it have the power to tip the scales ...

Healthcare costs and fees concept.Hand of smart doctor used a calculator for medical costs in modern hospital with VR icon diagram
Revenue Cycle Management

How providers and payers can use AI to democratize healthcare

Patty Hayward

Many of the inequities in our healthcare system can be traced back to the disparate circumstances facing individuals and population ...

Clinical Care

Three Healthcare CEOs Discuss Evolving Priorities and the Potential of AI and Big Data

Frank Stevens

Hospital and health system leaders nationwide face a slew of challenges as they steer their organizations through 2024 and beyond. ...

Clinical Care

Harnessing Electrolyzed Water: A Revolutionary Approach to Minimize Cross-Contamination in Healthcare Settings

Joshua Schwartz

In the battle against infectious diseases, healthcare facilities face a constant challenge: cross-contamination. The transfer of harmful pathogens from one ...

Close up of Doctor is touching digital virtual screen for analytics Medical data , Medical technology concept

How Predictive Analytics is Shaping the Next Era of Payment Integrity

Tawfiq Bajjali

In the often-tumultuous domain of healthcare payments, predictive analytics is emerging as an innovative new tool for payers to help ...

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