Success in Health Care Research Administration not as Complicated as it Appears

Updated on January 21, 2022

New STTI book outlines managing research, strategy, finance, regulation, and quality in health care

Health care research administration is much like an orange — remove the peel, and what appears to be simple is actually made up of many connected yet separate sections. Now two of the top clinical researchers and research coordinators are joining forces and sharing their tried-and-true policies, templates, and resources to create one of the only comprehensive references regarding clinical research management.

In Business Administration for Clinical Trials, authors R. Jennifer Cavalieri, BSN, RN, CCRC, CCRP, and Mark E. Rupp, MD, supply readers with a multidisciplinary approach to health care research administration that is applicable to any area of health care research. Published by the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), this new publication provides research professionals with a road map to understand strategic planning, financial management, and regulatory implementation in order to conduct successful clinical research trials. The authors share their tools and techniques for developing an effective administrative infrastructure and designing a study down to the granular level.

“We will show you our tactics, as well as how we take business processes and examples from clinical or other professionals and adapt them for our use in research. … Throughout these chapters, we’ve included various tips as well as real-world examples to help you better manage the administrative side of your research enterprise and to help you see what others who have gone before you have done,” said Cavalieri and Rupp.

The book is available at

About the authors

R. Jennifer Cavalieri, BSN, RN, CCRC, CCRP, is the nurse coordinator of clinical research projects in the infectious diseases section at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and she has been a research nurse for more than 20 years. Her experience includes coordinating clinical research trials sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry and federal agencies. She has also worked as a dedicated subject recruiter and manager of a clinical trials office. 

Mark E. Rupp, MD, is professor and chief of infectious diseases and medical director of the Infection Control & Epidemiology Department at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. His research experience includes leading numerous infectious disease bench and clinical trials as the principal investigator. Dr. Rupp is past president of the Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of America and has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers. He was the medical director for a hospital-based clinical trials office and has served as an advisor for the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  

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