Staying in Check During The Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching it is extremely important to get a grip on body composition and weight loss as soon as possible. So, what are the best ways to make sure to maintain healthy body weight? Is it so hard to lose weight?

As a member of the fitness industry who has been personal training for numerous years weight loss and body composition are always the most heavily sought-after goals of fitness clients. Looking at our country, obesity is on the rise and we are more sedentary than ever so how do we buck the trend and get back to our roots of being physically active and maintaining healthy body weight.

Of course, everything starts with your diet. Making sure to take in fewer calories than you burn is always going to be the most important factor. If you are eating in a surplus of your energy you will always gain weight and find it difficult to lose. However, if you continually eat in a caloric deficit weight loss will occur and you will maintain healthy body composition.

Given this fact it is important to make sure that you document the number of calories that you take in every day. By doing so you can be cognizant of what your caloric intake is and how much more or less you should take in throughout the day. By staying in the positive end of the caloric deficit equation you can guarantee that you will keep your body weight in a healthy range. Make sure to include a diet low in carbohydrate and simple sugars and try to increase protein and fat as well. Ensuring that you are drinking enough water is also a very important factor as well.

Of course, exercise is another important factor in a healthy weight loss program. Resistance training could aid in weight loss in that it increases overall lean musculature which burns more calories at rest than body fat. Cardiovascular training can help in that it burns calories and helps to put us in the more positive end of the calories in versus calories out equation. Both resistance training and aerobic training should always be combined in a sound fitness program.

As important as it is to stay active it is also important to make sure that you are getting good recovery from your workouts. 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night is always the best and make sure to be cognizant of recovery and rest after bouts of exercise. 

“These tips are very beneficial in helping one maintain a healthy body fat and body weight,” says Eric Leader, owner of Every Body’s Personal Trainer. By being cognizant of calories in versus calories out one will find weight loss and healthy body weight easier to maintain. Always make sure to incorporate resistance training and aerobic training in one’s program to get both benefits. Proper rest and nutrition are also going to be very important.

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