SR9009 Review: The Real Truth About Stenabolic

Updated on July 14, 2020

Are you a muscle-building enthusiast? Do you hit the gym quite often to pack on more muscle mass but don’t see the desired result? You will be grateful that you stopped by.

By the time you finish this article, you will know how this product is useful and if you should use it.

Today I am going to tell you about a wonder product, Stenabolic. It is one of the very few steroids available in the market that has shown effective results.

SR9009 is a research compound that has become popular for its ability to improve stamina, boost fat loss, and increase endurance.

If you have ever been to the gym with the purpose of burning down fat and gaining muscles, you know it can be astonishingly difficult. Working out in the gym to cut down on your excess fat is one thing, and gaining muscle is another. People often tend to grapple with endurance and body fat.

Snowballing your stamina and endurance can be quite difficult, but these are an absolute priority if you have to build muscles. This is why people require a catalyst. SARMS and steroids can be helpful if you intend to lose weight and build muscle. However, you should know the right way to use them.

In this article, we are going to tell you about Stenabolic (SR9009) and how it can increase your stamina to help you build muscles.

What is Stenabolic? Is it a Steroid? Is it Legal?

Stenabolic can be referred to as ‘exercise in a bottle.’ Stenabolic or SR9009 is a research compound. You will hear the name cropping up whenever someone talks about SARMs. However, Stenabolic is not a SARM but a Rev-Erba ligand, which is a protein found in muscles, fat, and liver.

Furthermore, the compound is non-hormonal. It doesn’t contain natural testosterone production in the body. Thus, there is no need to have qualms about opting for a post cycle therapy. This makes the compound more efficacious and potent than it originally would have been.

Stenabolic drug is the brainchild of Thomas Burris. He discovered that when ligand molecule is in action, it can truncate blood cholesterol levels whilst proliferating metabolism. This, in turn, accelerates weight loss and promotes endurance. His discovery made him come up with this drug.

By consuming the drug, skeletal muscle metabolism can increase by 50%. It also augmented the body’s metabolic rate. Thus, even when the body is in a sedentary state, it can burn calories to give you more energy. Just by taking a pill, your response like it has has been to the gym. Better metabolism means faster weight loss.

You don’t have to inject it into your body as you can consume it orally.

Before we proceed, there are few facts that you should be aware of,

  • Stenabolic has been not yet been approved by the FDA and is only meant for research purposes. A few countries will allow you to buy it only if you are using it for research purposes.
  • Albeit, steroids are generally fatal; the pill doesn’t have an adverse effect on the body.
  • It is considered illegal by the World anti-doping agency.
  • SR9009 is legal to purchase anywhere across the world except for Australia.

Now let’s check out how the compound works.

Stenabolic: How Does It Work?

Like we already mentioned, SR9009 is Rev-ErbA (Alpha) Ligand. Stenabolic is a compound that improves the activity of Rev-ErbA (Alpha) Ligand in the body. Since the protein is present in fat, muscle, liver, and skeletal muscle. Let’s check how Rev-ErbA has an impact on each of these areas,


Stenabolic works to improve the number of mitochondria present in your body, accelerating your endurance power. That’s how SR9009 is beneficial for increasing endurance.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t only impact your muscles. It is also responsible for promoting fat loss. This happens due to the increased mitochondrial activities in the muscle. As a result, you can easily curtail body fat and work on your endurance level.


The compound helps burn calories by improving the Rev-ErbA activity in it. Stenabolic props up the body to use fat reserves to create energy. This, in turn, leads to fat loss.

What’s more, Rev-ErbA blocks out the gene that stores fat. So, even when you are on an unhealthy diet, your body is not going to bulk up on fat.


Rev-ErbA strives to prevent new fat cell creation in the body. By attaching the fat cells together, it eliminates it from the body. Stenabolic can simulate this effect. Thus, people who are on SR9009 tend to create lesser fat cells in comparison to those who are not on SR9009. So, it ultimately results in your liver to lose fat while keeping it from producing fat.

Studies have concluded that the SR9009 showed positive side effects that experts had not even expected. It worked on anxiety and reduced inflammation, which is extremely important when you are training for body-building. To top that, the compound improved sleep quality.

Rev-ErbA (Alpha) Ligand has varied impacts on the body. On the whole, Stenabolic proves to be great for people who want to shed a few pounds quickly while increasing strength, power, and endurance. That’s how Stenabolic has found its popularity among athletes and workout enthusiasts. It is good for someone hoping to lose weight and also for people wanting to pack on some muscles to get strong.

Research-Based Benefits of Stenabolic and Expectations

Now that you know how the compound works let’s take a look at the benefits it has to offer and if it is the right choice for you.

Here are a few things that you can expect from SR9009,

  • As you work out to lose weight, it will preserve your muscles
  • It can improve stamina, power, and endurance when you take part in physical activity.
  • The compound can trigger fat loss.

Thus, it is a game-changer for several people out there. Now, we are going to go over the benefits categorically and find out how it can affect your performance.

Improves Stamina and Endurance

This is one of the top benefits of the compound. In fact, it played a major role in the popularity of SR9009 in the body-building and athletic community. Its test on mice has confirmed spiraling energy to partake in more physical activities. This is a result of the stimulation of Rev-ErvA.

Two weeks of usage has made this change noticeable. It boosts your capacity to perform longer in the gym. Combining it with Cardarine can promote fat loss and improve endurance.

Increases Fat Burning Capability

An increase in gym time means losing more fat. Furthermore, Stenabolic works on your metabolism. Hence, you get to see better results from your high-intensity workout. The more you work out, the more calories you can burn. Stenabolic gives you the energy to work out more by improving your endurance. This is what makes it the top fat burning compound available in the market.

Preserves Muscle Mass

Many products in the market are lauded as a fat-burning component, but they are just claims. In fact, they don’t even tell you that it will cause you to lose your muscle mass, too. There are only a handful of products in the market that maintain and preserve your muscle mass while you are trying to lose weight. Stenabolic is one of them. It will help you to grow lean muscle while it burns down excess calories. So, albeit you will lose fat, you are not going to lose your strong muscles.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

The primary reason SR9009 is being extensively is that it is being counted as a compound that can treat cardiovascular diseases. Researchers have observed that consuming it for seven weeks can reduce the size of blood vessel lesions in the body of genetically modified mice who are at the risk of arteries solidifying. Nevertheless, its intake didn’t impact blood fat and body weight.

Additionally, experts identified that Stenabolic could improve cardiovascular function when taken for 28 days straight.

Reduces Cholesterol

We all how dangerous high cholesterol can be. It can cause cardiovascular issues like a stroke or cardiac arrest. Sure, it is a cause of worry for people who have high cholesterol. This is where SR9009 comes into play. It can help in reducing the cholesterol level in your body. The animal-based study showed that consuming Stenabolic for eight weeks can truncate triglycerides and the body’s blood cholesterol level.

Scales Down Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most disturbing mental disorders. It affects over 4 million people in the USA. If you, too, are suffering from anxious thoughts, you should know that there is a pill that can keep you from feeling blue. This is Stenabolic. It has shown some promising results when tested on mice. When injected in them for 3-10 days, there was a diminished behavior that is similar to anxiety.

Reduces Inflammation

According to the research performed on animals, Stenabolic can work wonders on lung inflammation. It reduced TNF-Alpha formation. Another animal-based study showed a slashed down formation of inflammatory cells in rats.

Improves Metabolism

What’s surprising is Stenabolic also works on your metabolism. This is mainly because it creates lean muscle tissue due to improving mitochondria production. More lean muscles mean better metabolism as your body will require energy to perform. No matter you are working out or sitting on your couch, you will notice an elevated metabolic rate.

Overall Well-Being

Stenabolic can be the reason behind your overall well-being. Apart from helping you to pack on muscles, it can decrease cholesterol levels that can damage your health and deteriorate various organ healths.

The stress of body-building can increase inflammation. This can cause you to be in a lot of pain. The best way to reduce it is to use SR9009. It works on your anxiety and cardiovascular health. Unlike steroids, it doesn’t impact your body’s testosterone production. So, you can easily opt-out of Post Cycle Therapy.

What is the Safe Dosage of Stenabolic?

You know how you can benefit from Stenabolic. So, you might be tempted to find out the right dosage to draw the optimum benefits. Don’t worry. We will tell you about that too.

However, before proceeding, you should know the human dosage for this drug has not been established yet. Thus, the dosage mentioned is anecdotal evidence.

At all events, the recommended dosage is 10mg-30mg per day. Many people might consume it in a higher dosage, but it is not recommended. To see how it affects you, start with a low dosage.

We researched and found that most people find 20mg per day to be the ideal dosage for Stenabolic. The effect of the pill lasts for just 4-5 hours. Hence, you will have to take multiple dosages throughout the day.

For instance, if you are taking 30mg each day, you will have to divide it into three halves. Have 10mg in the morning, the next 10mg in the next 4-5 hours, and the final one towards the evening. It’s important to optimize its effect.

Usually, the compound cycle lasts for somewhere between 6-8 weeks. The effect can kick-in really quickly. Hence, you are going to start seeing the effect just within 6-7 days.

As it isn’t suppressive, you won’t need SARM’s PCT. In case you want to opt for a second cycle, make sure that there is a six weeks gap in between. You can also take it along with RAD140 and Ostarine.

Are There Any Side Effects of Stenabolic?

Stenabolic transforms your body into a fat-burning machine and makes sure that it doesn’t retain extra fat. But the question is, does it have any side effects?

Well, the compound hasn’t been around for long. Hence, it doesn’t have any documented side effects. But that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe. Here are some of the risks that this drug entails.

  • One of the side effects reported by users is stomach upset. This is particularly true for people suffering from digestive problems. Users have reported mild cramps, diarrhea, and constipation. To prevent this, make sure that you consume it with some snacks or a meal.
  • You might also see some changes in your sleeping patterns. Hence, you might have a difficult time falling asleep. To avoid this, take the dosage in the evening instead of taking it at night.
  • Pain in the bones and muscles, but it is something that you need to worry about.

Many people who tried the compound didn’t report any known side-effects. Some users, especially the ones who are body-building, are scared of estrogenic effects like low sex-drive or sore books, while men are scared of getting aggressive or becoming. Nevertheless, if you consume the mentioned dosage, you are not going to experience any side effects. So, it can be said that the pill doesn’t have any estrogenic or androgenic side effects.

Taking the right dosage will also keep your liver from being damaged. However, if you feel something unusual after consuming the drug, you should get in touch with your healthcare specialist. This is because the drug might not yet have reported any side effects, but it might have some minor ones that haven’t been observed until now.

To start safe, we would suggest you take small doses of around 5-10mg of SR9009 to find out how the body reacts to it.

Where Can You Buy Stenaholic?

There is no two way about the fact that there are innumerable fake products in the market. This can lead to many side effects. Duplicate products do not contain the right composition of compounds. So, you are not even going to notice any changes.

So, you need to make sure that you buy it from a trusted source. One of the most trusted online stores that you purchase Stenabolic is

Reasons to buy from ProvenPeptides are given below,

  • You get a complete money-back guarantee on SARM products.
  • It offers fast shipping.
  • Each batch of the drug is 3rd party tested for its purity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stenabolic

What does Stenabolic Do to the body?

Stenabolic is a RevErbA ligand, a type of protein that is produced by the body. Drugs having an effect on this protein will your body’s muscle-building capability and its strength. SR9009 stacks this protein together. It is a potent compound that offers several benefits by binding the protein.

The compound works much differently than SARMs that work by triggering the receptors that receive testosterone. SARMs work by stirring the receptor, while Stenabolic stacks the protein altogether. Thus, when it works on the receptor, it is going to be more effective. Rev-Erb has a lot of effects on the body system.

Does Stenabolic Give You Energy?

Stenabolic is the right choice to improve your energy and stamina. It helps in increasing your energy levels through various mechanisms. By consuming it, you can improve blood circulation in your body. This, in turn, boosts nutrient and oxygen transportation in the body. As a result, body cells start absorbing more nutrients and oxygen. This leads to the production of more energy.

When it’s present in the system, you are going to see a drastic change in your aerobic fitness level as it can slow down your heart rate making sure you don’t exhaust much energy. Irrespective of all these, your body whips up more energy and burns off calories. Hence, you get to enjoy the best of the two worlds.

Does Stenabolic Raise Testosterone?

This compound is not a steroid. It means that it doesn’t aromatize. Hence, it doesn’t convert into estrogen or transforms testosterone into estrogen. So, you don’t have to worry about testosterone production.

It allows your body to carry on with its natural production of testosterone. This is the reason you are not going to require Post Cycle Therapy. Usually, steroids can have an impact on the blood’s natural testosterone production, but that is not the case with SR9009. Thus, it is safe to use.

Can You Drink Alcohol on Stenabolic?

Just like any other supplement, Stenabolic is not going to work if you keep on with your unhealthy habits such as drinking or smoking. Remember, supplements can never replace a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet, and regular exercise.

Since alcohol mostly has high-calorie content, it can pile up on the daily calorie intake. As we all know, weight loss ultimately comes down to your calorie intake. Drinking alcohol while having Stenabolic is nothing but a bad idea.

Final Words: Should You Buy Stenabolic

Stenabolic is a potent new compound that has a lot of potentials. Apart from being an excellent body-building supplement, it can also assist in fat loss. With this, you don’t have to worry about losing muscle while cutting down on the weight.

If you are struggling with obesity, this product can prove to be quite useful. It is particularly helpful if you feel too lazy to hit the gym or some health conditions prevent you from doing so.

Diabetic patients and people with high cholesterol can manage their conditions with the help of this drug.

Nevertheless, there is no evidence yet that suggests that it can be safe for long term usage. What’s irrefutable is, it’s much safer than gulping down steroids. But like most things, you might experience minor issues that users aren’t aware of yet.

We strongly discourage taking the SR9009 in the form of injection or dope. Surely, you don’t want your body to suffer from adverse effects.

In case you are planning to test this compound, make sure that you purchase it from a reputable source.

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