Significance Of Laboratory Phlebotomists

Updated on May 11, 2020

Modern medicine has modern ways to be practiced, and that is where we realize the importance of clinical laboratories. With changing times, the technicians have developed new machines and ways to diagnose and cure medical issues. But, what they could not replace was the work in the laboratory. And with time its importance kept on increasing. 

Thus, this technology is gold and the reason behind it is many serious diagnoses. Phlebotomy is one of the medical fields in laboratory work. So, if you think you are running out of careers in medicine, you are not. Phlebotomy is known as one of the historical and yet involves the core work at the laboratories.

What Is Phlebotomy?

Medical testing and drawing out of the blood are basically included in phlebotomy. The phlebotomists are professionally trained and mastered for handling patients and running the test over their blood samples to trace or diagnose medical issues or whatever is desired. They play a vital role in labs in diagnosis, researches, and transfusion of blood samples. Other than this they can even:

  • Guide patients that are nervous or stressed to draw blood.
  • Follow a physician
  • Identify patient identities and gather inventories.

All About Blood:

This career is easy as compared to others, but needs a calm environment and professional attitude. After all, it is all about needles and drawing out blood. You better be used to it or at least be comfortable enough to handle the patients. For starters it does not take much of your time to get trained to be a phlebotomist, it may take 4-8 months for training. This depends on your institution and the course they designed. Though, it does not require a certificate for some states. You can also practice under a professional phlebotomist to start. All medical studies require hands-on practice for better understanding and a broader visual support for students this ensures 0% human error. 

Careers in demand:

The field of medicine itself is always in demand and on top. Healthcare workers are the most important part of our industry as companies are always in need of these professionals . This has been since the birth of medicine and healing. To this date, several diagnoses of diseases are made using human blood samples. The increasing need for phlebotomists has been expanding rapidly.

According to a well-researched study, the need for phlebotomists has increased to 25% since 2016. This is because human blood is used to study and understand the anatomy of the human body, which helps the researchers and chemists in making effective medicines and treatments which is only increasing with time. 

The Significance Of Phlebotomy:

Back in the historical days, there was a medical process of withdrawing blood from the patient known as bloodletting. According to the professionals, it was said that letting out fluids from the body allows it to purify itself of infections and other diseases and ailments. The same way several therapies are similar to this nowadays and are said to be way more effective than drugs and medicines.

One of which is the leech therapy and the cupping therapy, both of which withdraw blood from the human body from different pressure points. Now, can you believe a simple infection, migraine, or even stress disappearing from your body after being treated? All this is proof that phlebotomists have been there for ages and are genuinely the most important part of the studies of medicine. 

A Great Opportunity:

The best part of this profession is that it has vast applications at various places, some of them are mentioned below:

1. Hospitals:

These are an absolute necessity which can be found all around us. Also a hospital requires  experienced and professional workers that can easily work under pressure and tough deadlines. But it is not the only place for a phlebotomist to find a job at, you still have other options to explore.

2. Emergency Clinics:

 Places where you can work and earn a good living such as emergency clinics, these are the second busiest and important places after hospitals, coping with different cases every day and every hour. A phlebotomist is always the one needed the most around injuries and cases.

3. Blood Banks:

Then comes the blood banks these are the other most important places to get a job as a phlebotomist, you see this place is made for them. Drawing out blood making inventories and supplying them to hospitals when needed. 

Thinking about a career in phlebotomy? it can be a good start to your career in medical science. The scope and earning in phlebotomy are different in all states. The phlebotomists earn a good living in this field, also they can get medical insurance if they are employed at a reputable hospital.


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