Roles and Duties of Optometrists in Eye Hospitals

Doctors play an extremely important part of our lives. They have the knowledge to treat the diseases and so this profession is one of the most respected professions. As there are various body parts and organs in our body so we have doctors who are specialised in each of them this makes the treatment easier and more effective. 

One of the most important organs in our body is the eye. In fact, our one of the 5 senses is a vision.  Without our eye, we won’t be able to see anything, and it will disrupt our daily activities as and make it difficult to live. Optometrists are the doctors who treat our eyes and helps in rectifying our vision. If we feel any discomfort or problems in our eyes, then we must go and consult an optometrist. These doctors of the eye are highly trained they treat the patients perfectly. In this article let us understand about various duties performed by the optometrists. 

Educational Qualification:

These eye doctors need a degree of Doctor of Optometry which nearly takes around 4 years to complete. This gives them the license to practice the medical methods and benefit the society. The O.D must have completed a course of about three years previously and have learnt biology, English, chemistry and other important subjects along with the internship. 

List of Duties Performed by The Optometrists:

  • Tests: These doctors have to do various tests of the patients who visit them to treat their difficulties related to the vision in the eye. They analyse the problems of the patients according to their reports and they work accordingly. They need to perform various tests to get to know the exact power of the patients. 
  • Diagnose Sight Problem: These doctors have to do various tests to know whether the patients have the problem in seeing far or near. According to that, they recommend lenses or glasses and other remedies. If the wrong power is assigned to the patients, then the problem can increase and create an even worse situation. Therefore, it is important that you go to the trusted and verified eye doctor only.
  • Therapy: The optometrist has to provide various vision therapies to the patients so that their eyesight can be better. They also have to provide rehabilitation of eye.
  • Medication: The doctors have to recommend medication for the eyes to the patients. They also need to assign the lens and sunglasses that will be perfect for the patients. Moreover, they are the sole caretaker of our eyes and they must work in the best manner for the perfect treatment for our eyes. 
  • Research: There are many doctors who work to research for better treatment methods for our eyes. With the help of these doctors, new technology for treatments can be invented along with new medicines. These will definitely result in a better way of treatment and finally will benefit society. 
  • In the field of Education: Along with these duties, the optometrists can work to educate the students and share their experience by visiting various medical colleges. They are the bearer of the treatment propaganda of the generation and should lay a path for the future entrants. They also train the freshly pass out students as a trainee and help them become perfect.

These doctors do earn a good sum of money if their work does impress the patients. No doctor becomes a good doctor on the very first day. They need to gather experience and work very hard to ultimately become a renowned and respected doctor. The optometrist is in high demand as in most of the families there is at least one person who is suffering from eye problems. So, their role should not be questioned, and the optometrists should work to make the society better. They also should work for the cause of better medical facilities and less disease.

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