Red Light Therapy For Pain Relief – Here’s Everything to Know

Updated on December 3, 2021

Living your life with chronic pain is extremely uncomfortable. According to a report, over 50 million Americans face chronic pain. It can not only disrupt your physical well-being but also affect you on a mental and emotional level. Moreover, the long-term effects of chronic pain cannot be overlooked. If not addressed, it may lead to a series of health concerns like fatigue, high blood pressure, sleeping or eating disorders, and more. 

Your doctor may suggest different medications to relieve the pain, but do you know taking too many medicines can lead to other health complications? When taken regularly, the medications such as ibuprofen may become highly addictive. Therefore, you must know ways to address this pain safely and effectively. Nowadays, many doctors suggest red light therapy as a great alternative to treat chronic pain. 

What is Red Light Therapy? 

Red light therapy can be termed as a holistic pain-relieving method that doesn’t only address your pain but other conditions as well. The use of low-level red wavelengths in this treatment helps treat ailments like skin problems, wounds, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other conditions. 

Red light therapy includes a variety of forms – soft laser therapy, cold laser therapy, photobiomodulation, low-level light therapy, biostimulation, and low-power laser therapy. It is a convenient alternative to traditional pain medicines and works effectively on all body types. 

What Kind of Pain Does This Therapy Address? 

Red light therapy is versatile in treating different kinds of pain that you may experience. This method provides targeted pain relief for the following conditions. 

Chronic Pain 

Red light therapy is effective for chronic pain and has been approved by the FDA as well. You can also perform red light therapy at home three times per day to experience immense relief. 

Joint Pain 

According to a study, elderly patients suffering from osteoarthritis have experienced a great benefit from this therapy. Red light therapy is also used to treat disability in the joints. 

Neck Pain 

Red light therapy has been proven to be effective in treating all sorts of neck pain. If performed regularly for six weeks, you will feel tremendous relief in the painful condition of your neck. 


Osteoarthritis leads to a lot of inflammation in the affected areas. In many cases, even medication is unable to solve the problem. Red light therapy comes forth like a ray of hope for all the patients dealing with such pain. The use of low-intensity therapy is highly effective in treating pain and improving the function of your body. You can also combine this therapy with regular exercise to witness quick recovery. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

If you are looking for an effective solution for carpal tunnel syndrome, talk to your doctor about red light therapy and include it in your treatment option if they give the nod. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Rheumatoid arthritis has become a prevalent problem in both men and women. Red light therapy helps to reduce pain and stiffness associated with this health concern. It is a safe alternative to address the condition more naturally over medications and other medical approaches. 

Is Red Light Therapy Safe? 

Many studies and reports have given a thumbs up to red light therapy for treating different types of pains and aches. Even if this treatment option is compared to other methods like traditional lasers, the former is safer and more effective. If you are using this therapy at home, consult your doctor first and ask them about the frequency of using it. 

What are the Benefits of Red Light Therapy?

Whether you are using red light therapy at home or through a professional, this treatment option is highly effective and serves many benefits: 

  • This therapy promotes quick wound healing and tissue repair. It is done by minimizing your inflammatory cells and then maximizing the recovery. 
  • Many studies have laid down that red light therapy helps in improving the blood flow of the body. It increases the energy in cells, aiding in better blood flow and giving them the required energy to trigger physiological effects. 
  • Red light therapy is a safer alternative even for the elderly who complain about joint pain now and then. Patients with degenerative osteoarthritis are believed to be recovered quickly using this treatment.
  • Red light therapy has become prevalent for all sportsmen and athletes as it allows quick recovery time and improved injury using this approach.
  • As there are no side effects, you can use this therapy to address all the conditions, including skin issues like acne, dark skin, hair fall, bone recovery, etc. 


The popularity of red light therapy is increasing by leaps and bounds, thanks to its many advantages and minimal side effects. Opt for this therapy and treat your chronic pain now. 

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