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Recognising and Treating Gambling Addiction

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When people discuss gambling, they will generally touch upon the issue of problematic behaviour. This is the general image non-gamblers (and a sizable amount of gamblers) have got of the industry. While the situation certainly bears more nuance, and gambling, just like any other activity, is a spectrum, problem playing should be prevented as much as possible. If there were two problem gamblers in the whole world, there would be two too many.

And, mind you, this isn’t the vision of only a handful of people. What’s more, authorities in the gaming field bear the same view. The Kingcasinobonus team of experts has got a page dedicated to responsible gaming and all organisations and resources that may provide information and assistance.

Below, we will make a presentation of the most effective measures against addictive behaviours while engaging in casino activities. We shall discuss both prevention and the treatment of addiction, as well as the warning signs every player should know about.

Tell-Tale Signs of Excessive Gaming

Each player should ask themselves what their main reasons for playing are. If you see gambling as a means of entertainment, which doesn’t need to take up much time, you are most likely in the green area. If, however, you treat it as a coping mechanism for unpleasant events in your everyday life or a quick fix for material issues, you might need to consider whether you are at risk. Other symptoms include casino activity taking up a lot of mental space, continually searching for funds to use on the said activities, and general impulsivity. When we mention impulsivity, we aren’t talking solely about the urge to gamble but also about irate tendencies when external factors interrupt one’s gaming session. Attempts at breaking the habit will also result in restlessness, difficulty sleeping and maintaining focus, etc.

Going into debt to fund gambling and getting estranged from loved ones are some of the direst consequences a problem gambler might face. As these situations may dramatically decrease one’s quality of life, we have put together several prevention and treatment methods.

Look Out!

Many problem punters also deal with preexisting depressive or anxious episodes. As such, the most effective prevention technique is seeking a resolution for these sources of distress. Most therapeutic schools of thought have got programmes that target these issues specifically.

Engaging in physical activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in general, will also help alleviate most symptoms of depression and anxiety. It’s advisable to cut down on (or off, preferably) stimulants like caffeine or nicotine, not to mention depressants like alcohol. (Most often, problem gamblers will deal with potential substance abuse, too.)

When it comes to gambling, we recommend that users set deposit limits for themselves (especially if they play in the online medium) from when they commence activity at a casino. This way, they can keep their losses in healthy parameters.

Ways of Treatment

Of course, if somebody becomes a problem gambler, there are numerous treatment paths they could seek. Licenced online casinos are required by British law to offer resources for people who deal with addiction. These resources include helplines and NGOs that provide support to sufferers of problem gambling. Moreover, each online casino has an on-site self-exclusion programme; it’s also possible to self-exclude through the GAMSTOP platform, ensuring that the player won’t have access to any gaming venue on the web. According to the level of problematic play, there might be no need for total exclusion from gaming services – this is why the sites also offer access to breaks, which will generally last from 24 hours to a maximum of six months.

Apart from limiting one’s access to websites and locations that trigger excessive behaviour, we advocate for visiting a specialist. As mentioned above, betting addiction often has to do with other mental health-related problems, and all of them should be addressed for a healthier outlook on life and oneself.

Our Primary Pieces of Advice

We have established that gambling addiction creates considerable distress in a player’s life. The consequences of such an issue may be severe. Like irritability and continuously fantasizing about playing, the warning signs may also relate to other untreated disorders. Know that problem gambling is listed in the DSM-5, meaning that it’s a serious condition, and therapy should serve both as a preventive and treatment measure. Online casinos that work under a licence also provide helpful links to responsible gaming authorities and in-house self-exclusion schemes.

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