Can a Microloan Help Your Healthcare Business?

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Growing your healthcare business isn’t exactly easy. Sometimes it feels like a kid is pulling on your shirt sleeves asking you for more. Patients can have large deductibles so they hesitate to get the healthcare services they need.  It becomes a vicious circle, you can’t offer the services patients they want so you don’t have … Read more

5 Amazing Tech Trends Redefining Healthcare This Year

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The healthcare industry is open to so many new opportunities using technology in 2019 that almost seem too good to be true. Great innovation has hit the sector in the last eight months, and we are definitely here for it.  After all, we all know that the better the system gets, the more cost-effective it … Read more

How RPM Will Transform Healthcare

By Christopher McCann The financial pressures on the healthcare industry are intensifying. On one hand, providers are encountering soaring costs and growing demand for medical care from an aging population. At the same time, they’re facing continuing shifts to value-based reimbursement.  The challenge is enormous: How can healthcare providers deliver quality patient care while operating … Read more

How AI, IoT and ‘Information Enlightenment’ are Transforming Healthcare

By Rikin Patel Healthcare organizations are shifting to information-driven services and a focus on digital patient experience. To move the industry forward, they will need strategies and organization-wide engagement aimed at eliminating information silos, and modernizing workflows and processes, so they can provide timely, cost-efficient and actionable treatment options for patients. Healthcare transformation is about … Read more