TotalMD, Inc. Releases New EHR Software

With a whole new look and great new features, practices can now upgrade to the latest version

TotalMD, Inc. an- nounces the release of its all new electronic health records (EHR) software. Specifically de- signed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind, TotalMD EHR combines a simplified encounter screen with customizable templates to make recording clinical notes faster and easier than current market offerings.

“The whole charting process needs to be quick and easy or what is the point of moving to electronic records?” TotalMD co-founder David Arnett explained. “Our EHR software’s flow is simple with very few clicks which makes for fast data entry. And, combined with our practice man- agement software, TotalMD gives providers a complete system for either the cloud or their inhouse computers,” he added.

Increasingly, medical providers have expressed their frustration with the time-consuming effort required to record clinical information into their current EHR software. After working closely with medical practices for several years, TotalMD has delivered an EHR that combines ease-of-use with powerful clinical tools to make clinical charting easier for all.

About TotalMD

With its first software release in November, 2007, TotalMD, Inc. offers practice management and electronic health records software. The company consistently exceeds customer expectations by providing feature rich products and services at an exceptional value.

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