Lazarus Naturals Review: Premium CBD Products at Affordable Prices?

Updated on February 25, 2021

CBD or cannabidiol is a substance that is found in cannabis. The two substances found in abundance in cannabinoids are CBD and THC. While THC acts like a psychoactive drug affecting the brain, cannabidiol doesn’t have such properties. In fact, cannabidiol can cure many medical ailments. 

CBD serves as a master key to miscellaneous chronic disease. It is a therapeutic compound present in cannabis. This has caused CBD to explode into the market and has left several consumers in its wake. 

Industrial hemp has been legalized in different corners of the world. Thus, it might seem like you are coming across hemp products everywhere. 

With the legalization of cannabinoids, the industry has been looking for different means to put it to use to avail its benefits. 

Lazarus Naturals is one among the overflowing number of CBD products in the market. However, if you are confused as to whether it’s the right product for you, continue reading our review. We did a great deal of research and testing out a few products, we have compiled this honest all-inclusive review for your benefit. 

Lazarus Naturals Review: Brand Overview

Are you searching for a new CBD brand to try out its product? Lazarus Naturals promises to deliver a high-quality product with safe ingredients. 

Lazarus Naturals was set up by Sequoia Price-Lazarus in 2014. It aimed to offer potent CBD oil to all who need it at an affordable price. 

Even after all these days, the company sticks to the same goal. Apart from offering affordable products, it also offers assistance programs. 

  • The Assistant Program of Lazarus Naturals was to make sure that individuals with long-term disability, veterans, and low-income people can enjoy a 60% lifetime discount. 
  • When it comes to the quality of its products, the company grows its hemp on their local farms in Oregon. 
  • What’s more, their products are doubly tested by the in-house, as well as third-party labs. 
  • All their products contain only vegan ingredients. 
  • The company has a positive reputation in the market because of its assistance programs. 
  • Lazarus Naturals always aims to be transparent with the products they offer and the processes they follow. 

It is the mission to reach out to all and sundry that has helped them to gain a foothold into the market. The company has talked about its team on its website, where they also introduce many c-level executives. 

The company takes a well-known approach to CBD. They offer high potency CBD products catering to a larger customer base using CBD for various applications. Lazarus Natural gives you a choice between pure and full-spectrum CBD to isolate hemp extracts. 

Each of its products comes with a batch number, and that has a QR code. This will give you quick access to details about the product. 

Now you know all about the company, so let’s find out about what the products have to offer. 

A-CBD Source

Lazarus Naturals grows 70% of its industrial hemp from its own farms. The farm is located in Central Oregon’s High Desert. It’s isolate products, and full-spectrum products are mass-produced employing their own hemp. Lazarus Naturals are cognizant of what goes into their product. Thus, they adopt sustainable farming methods to offer only the best quality ingredients. 

The rest of the 30% of the hemp is procured from all authorized growers of Oregon. Since they are yet to receive USDA and FDA certification, the company makes sure to procure hemp from the farms that comply with the Oregon Department of Agriculture Hemp Research Pilot Program. It sets a benchmark for the optimal hemp growing condition in Oregon. 

A few factors they grow to monitor hemp are, 

  • Climate
  • Soil
  • Methodology

You will be surprised to know that Lazarus Naturals is an active board member of the US Hemp Farmer Alliance. It takes an active part in evaluating the different growth conditions. 

Presently, due to the FDA and USDA regulations, hemp cannot be certified as organic. However, the regulations are being modified because of the alteration introduced by Farm Bill 2018, legalizing hemp in 50 different states. 

So, it isn’t yet 100% certified organic, but the hemp is pesticide-free. Lazarus Naturals is in the process of transitioning 100% organic farming processes to get certification by 2022. 

After harvesting, they use ethanol for the extraction process. The extracted CBD oil from hemp is diluted with the help of fractionated coconut oil to make sure that there is the perfect concentration of CBD. Ultimately, the products are tested by third-party and in-house labs prior to preparing it for distribution. 

The ethanol extraction process they use is different than CO2 extraction as the latter has more chlorophyll, plant lipids, and other compounds present in plants. Furthermore, ethanol extraction can be done at a lower price and gives you extracted CBD that has some residual solvent. 

This causes manufacturers to opt for CO2 extraction. Nonetheless, experts have also seen that chlorophyll and plant lipids are extremely beneficial for consumers. The stint here to retain the compounds while making sure that the extract doesn’t contain any residential solvent. Lazarus Naturals has tested and verified that it’s possible. 

B-Lab Tests

All products by Lazarus Naturals go through third-party testing. Before bottling, they send it to Columbia Laboratories. It is an ISO 17025-certified lab. 

You can easily check the certificates of analysis on every Lazarus Naturals product page just by clicking on ‘test result’ and seeking out the respective batch number. 

The Certificates of Analysis includes, 

  • Residential solvents
  • Cannabinoid potency
  • Terpenes
  • Pesticides
  • Microorganisms
  • Heavy metals

If you check the test results on the product pages, you will see tinctures contain 15.7 mg CBD in each serving. This is 0.7mg more than what is stated on the label. 

C-Shipping and Return Policy

If you are interested in buying Lazarus Naturals CBD products, you can order it on the official site. The order is shipped on the same day if you place it before midnight, and if it ordered thereafter, it is going to be shipped the following day. 

Lazarus Naturals provides free 3-day delivery through USPS for all orders. The orders are shipped from Monday through Saturday. If you place an order over $1000, you must provide ‘signature on delivery.’ Also, the billing and the shipping address should match. It is primary to protect your purchase and truncate fraud risk. 

In case you don’t like the product or feel that it doesn’t deliver what it promises, you can return the product within 90 days of the delivery date with a valid reason. However, before you return, you have to get a return authorization. Thereafter, you can send the order with proof of purchase or receipt according to the instruction. Partial refunds are granted at times, and it is at the sole discretion of the company. 

The company reserves the right to refuse returns if it exhibits a fraudulent behavior. You have to return the product in the original packaging. The refund money doesn’t include the shipping charges. Return is only accepted if you have purchased the product from the official site and not from any authorized seller. 

You cannot cancel the order if it has been shipped already. In case you have to, you can contact customer service. 

If you receive a damaged or defective item, contact the customer support team within 30 days to place an exchange request. 

Lazarus Naturals Pros and Cons

Lazarus Naturals products are available in high-potency, as well as standard formula. It is an authentic CBD company. 


  • It offers low-to high strength potent CBD oils in THC-free and full-spectrum varieties. 
  • The ingredients are sourced from non-GMO and pesticide-free hemp grown in local and company-owned farms. 
  • Its products are tested by third-party labs. 
  • Gluten-free and organic ingredients without preservatives and artificial flavoring are used to develop the product. 
  • The products are available at an affordable price. 
  • Assistance programs that provide a discount on the products. 


  • The products are made of fractionated coconut oil that can be a problem for people with allergy. 
  • It contains chlorophyll that can have an impact on the taste. 
  • The hemp is pesticide-free but isn’t completely organic. 

Lazarus Naturals CBD Product Reviews

Lazarus Naturals offer an extensive range of product. In fact, it covers several applications by providing a choice between capsules, coconut oil, tinctures, pet products, topicals, and isolate. Checking both their unflavored and flavored options, you will see that they offer a good range of products. 

Now, we are going to review 3 Lazarus Naturals CBD products before you jump in to buy your favorite. 

1. CBD Oil

It is the top-selling product available on their website. The high-potency has 50mg of CBD in every 1ml of liquid. The product is gluten-free, vegan, and isn’t made of anything artificial. 

As already stated, the company uses that best hemp that is grown in the most reliable farms. It offers high-potency, as well as standard potency oil. The price of the oil is approximately $0.03, and this is cheaper than the other brands that are available in the market.  

The CBD oils are available in various flavors that include vanilla, winter mint, chocolate, and natural. A few of them are isolates while the others are full-spectrum. 


  • Organic hemp seed oil 
  • Hemp extract
  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Naturally derived flavors

Customer Reviews

Users of Lazarus Naturals have to say that it is better than its competitors. What customers prefer is that the oil is available in flavorful, as well as flavorless forms, and they can choose what they like the best. According to the customer, a single dose is capable of getting rid of severe migraine headaches. It is effective and delicious. The product is a godsend and will help in calming down the restless mind. 

Should You Buy It?

If you are potent for potent CBD oil at an affordable price, Lazarus CBD oil is the right choice for you. It’s available in various flavors and is completely vegan. You are also going to love the customer service they offer. If you want, you can just test it out with a small bottle. 

2. CBD Isolate

The CBD isolate that Lazarus Naturals offers come with terpene. It is available in 4 different flavors. Apart from the original raw flavor, you get it in Lemon-Lime, Hawaiian Citrus, and Valencia Orange. Its CBD isolate contains non-genetically modified hemp along with vegan terpenes. As a result, you enjoy a product that contains a minimum of 96% CBD that is formulated through a monitored and integrated process. Presently, it is just available in 1gm packaging. 


  • Terpene
  • Hemp
  • Plant-derived esters
  • Raw hemp-derived CBD isolate

Customer Reviews

Customers have said that this is a strong CBD product that doesn’t change the taste. Many have enjoyed its benefits after using it a few times. Even high-quality products are available at a low price. Users have reported that it offers a good night’s sleep. Many people use it to prepare their own MCT oil. Also, the customers are happy with the fast shipping time of the site. 

Should You Buy It?

In case you are looking for a stronger CBD product, CBD isolate can be a good option. Even if you are short on money or think that it can be difficult for you to procure it every month, you can take advantage of the Assistance Program. You can get it for your whole family. The isolate has been activated in a way that helps the body to process it.

3. Capsules

The company offers three specific types of CBD capsules. 

  • 10mg
  • 25mg
  • 50mg

You can get them in bottles that contain 10, 40, and 200 capsules, respectively. There are capsules that are THC free. Even if it contains THC, it is as per the standard guidelines that are 0.3%. The capsules have full-spectrum hemp extracts coupled with crystalline isolate. 


Customer Reviews

Users say that the CBD capsules deliver what it promises. It has served as a game-changer for many. The capsules have helped several users to manage their daily life. People have taken a liking to the CBD capsules as it works wonders on their life. 

Should You Buy It?

If you want to sleep better at night, you can get these capsules. Once you take it, you are going to be forever grateful that you ordered it. It will help you to manage your daily life. It is the best CBD product for you if you have to travel or do not like the taste of oil in your mouth. 

FAQ About Lazarus Naturals

Is Lazarus Naturals Legit?

Yes, it is a highly reputable seller in the market. Lazarus Naturals is based in Oregon, Portland. Within no time, it has turned out to be one of the most popular brands in the industry. They are committed to offering top-quality products and excellent customer service. 

Which is Stronger Lazarus Naturals CBD Oil or Tincture?

The tincture contains low CBD in comparison to oil. However, the former comes with a longer shelf life. Tinctures also have higher bioavailability in comparison to oil. This is primarily because tinctures contain alcohol. 

How Long does Lazarus Naturals take to Ship its Products?

Usually, the orders placed before 11.45 am Pacific Time is going to be shipped on the same day. It ships the products through UPS and USPS based on what you select. If you choose USPS, you can get free 3-day delivery. 

Can You Vape Lazarus Naturals Products?

The products offered by Lazarus Naturals aren’t meant for vaping. The topicals are for applying directly on your skin, but the isolates, RSO, capsules, and tinctures have to be consumed orally. You can also take it sublingually. 

Final Verdict

After reviewing the company and the products that it offers, we will definitely recommend it to all CDB users. These are an incredible bet for veterans and people who are suffering from some disabilities but cannot afford them. Also, if you have to take high doses of CBD, Lazarus Naturals can be the ideal choice. You can get your preferred CBD product at an affordable rate. 

Lazarus Naturals is a trustworthy CBD manufacturer that is popular for its transparency. It uses all vegan ingredients for its products and makes sure it’s of premier quality through third-party testing. However, before you start taking it, it is always better to talk to your healthcare provider to know if it’s safe for you.

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