How to Spot High-Quality Extracted CBD Oil

Updated on June 29, 2020

The CBD hemp oil market is escalating. The modern market has seen numerous CBD vendors set business online. According to stats, by 2021, the CBD Oil market is projected to hit the $3 billion mark. Plus, CBD oil marketers are employing aggressive tactics to sell products to unsuspecting customers. This makes it challenging to choose the best CBD hemp oil for all your medical needs—especially if you are new in this sphere. To help you get things right, here is how you can recognize high-quality CBD based hemp oil on the market.

Check the Color

CBD oil comes in different levels of strength and quality. Of course, CBD oil is extracted via similar methods—i.e. superficial or subcritical CO2 based extraction method. However, this doesn’t mean that all CBD oil on the market is pure. CBD is divided into 3 major types. They include:

Raw—Raw CBD is black in color. It can also appear as dark green. This type of CBD hasn’t undergone any purification. Thus, it comes with terpenes as well as chlorophyll—things that make CBD oil better.

Decarboxylated—Similar to Raw CBD, decarboxylated CBD oil has a dark green color. The only difference with raw CBD is that decarboxylated CBD is subjected to the carboxylation process. This type of CBD doesn’t have the acidic properties present in its raw counterpart.

Filtered—The third type of CBD hemp oil is the filtered CBD hemp oil. This is the manufactured form of CBD present on the market. This type of CBD is yellow in color because of the decarboxylation plus filtration process.

Country of Origin

Try to establish the source of CBD hemp oil you want to purchase. In most cases, high-grade CBD oil come from Colorado and Denmark. However, this doesn’t restrict your options. Regions like Kentucky, German, as well as the Netherlands produce high-grade CBD oil. Also, if you get your CBD from Scandinavian countries, that’ll be good.

Independent Third Party Lab Reports

CBD isn’t fully regulated by the FDA. Thus, people test their authenticity through third-party lab reports. Therefore, you should source your CBD from companies that permit third-party lab reports. Doing so confirms the contents, potency, purity, and quality. Stay away from companies that hide of doesn’t permit third-party reports.

THC Content

It’s also important to investigate the THC content in the CBD you want to purchase. Normally, the US government requires vendors to sell CBD hemp oil that contains at most 0.3% THC. However, industrial hemp oil contains negligible amounts of THC. So, look at the labeling. If it doesn’t have a list of ingredients, stay away from it.

Go For Whole Plant Extract

CBD oil is either made from isolated hemp or whole-plant hemp. According to experts, CBD oil from the whole-plant extract is considered high grade. So, always choose whole plant extract-based CBD hemp oil. It’s more effective.

The Bottom-Line

With numerous CBD hemp oil in the market, it becomes increasingly confusing when it comes to choosing the best product for your explicit needs. Remember, there are numerous vendors selling CBD oil. Some of these vendors are out to make money. Thus, getting back the value of your money can be challenging. Luckily, the above article contains all you should know regarding how to spot quality CBD hemp oil.

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