How to choose a plastic surgeon that can do complete justice to the job

Updated on June 7, 2021

It is a great idea to leave the decision about the best procedure in plastic surgery to the surgeon. After considering your health and the surgery’s reason, the surgeon will recommend the method that suits you best. As you can understand, the right plastic surgeon’s choice is the most crucial aspect as you explore the possibilities of undergoing any procedure. Instead of thinking about the procedures and the possible results, devote your time to understanding the right approach in choosing the plastic surgeon who can guide you in all aspects of the procedures to select the right one becomes easy. Browsing the internet should help identify some plastic surgeons exploring online opportunities, as evident from the website

Here are the qualities that you must look for in the plastic surgeon to justify your choice.


The procedure’s outcome largely depends on the surgeon’s expertise, and you must ensure that the surgeon has the requisite knowledge. Look for plastic surgeons certified by the ABPS or American Board of Plastic Surgery. Residents of Canada should look for surgeons certified by the RCPSC or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The surgeon’s experience is a sign of his or her expertise because it requires years of education, followed by intensive training to acquire the skills and expertise of complex procedures. 

The Board Certification endorses the capabilities of the surgeon in carrying out safe surgical procedures. By understanding the surgeon’s involvement in the areas of teaching, writing, or speaking on the subject should help to know how much updated he or she is about the latest developments in the field.


Since hands-on experience helps to hone plastic surgeons’ skills, the longer the experience, is better. It is when the surgeon has the necessary education, along with training in the respective field. As practice makes a man perfect, a surgeon with more surgeries will have the knowledge and confidence.  Moreover, there are various specializations in plastic surgery, and the experience must relate to the procedure you want to undertake. To gauge the surgeon’s effectiveness, you can follow the thumb rule that stipulates that the surgeon must have performed at least one or more procedures per week for at least five years. Moreover, you must choose a practicing surgeon and not someone who has left practice even a year ago. Dearbon’s Masri Clinic with highly experienced and professional staff is just about a perfect option when it comes to cosmetic plastic surgeries in the US. 

Consider the results

Since plastic surgery is complex, all plastic surgeons might not achieve extremely satisfying results despite trying their best. When you have selected a surgeon based on expertise and experience, you must ensure that the surgeon can produce exceptional results. You cannot settle for any surgeon who even falls short slightly of being the best.

Plastic surgeons usually showcase a portfolio of their work with before and after photos. If you are happy with two photos taken at least after a year of the surgery, you can consider the surgeon fit. Research properly before selecting a surgeon. 

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