How Dr. Dov Rand Uses Innovation to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Updated on December 13, 2018

As men age, they find themselves subject to a variety of health conditions. One of the most common is erectile dysfunction, which affects upwards of forty percent of men at some point in their life. Though it’s easy to dismiss the issue as a serious health concern since it is not directly life-threatening, in truth the condition has a huge impact on quality of life. Thankfully, there are a host of new treatments that have been created to treat the disorder. We’ll take a look at the practice of Dr. Dov Rand for a more complete picture of what the cutting edge of this world looks like.

Background and experience

Dr. Dov Rand works out of his private practice, the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, where he focuses on research-based medicine that takes advantage of the latest scientific literature. By keeping abreast of this research through a dedication to reading studies and attending conferences, he is able to offer his patients the most up to date medical treatments available. This has helped to bolster his reputation as a doctor who works tirelessly to place the health of his patients above all else.

Contributing factors

To understand erectile dysfunction treatment, it is helpful to first understand how the human body successfully achieves and maintains an erection when healthy. The process is a complicated one that relies on the nervous system, muscular system, and vascular system to act in concert with one another. By initiating arousal in the brain and then sending signals to muscles and blood vessels to increase blood flow to the penis, a well-performing sexual system can create an erection without issue. Of course, when any one of these systems starts to perform inadequately, a man’s sexual health may suffer.

Shockwave therapy

To combat this issue, the doctor provides one of the newest treatments available for erectile dysfunction, shockwave therapy, otherwise known as GAINSWave. This therapy involves applying percussive sound waves from a shockwave device directly to a man’s penis. When the application is administered periodically over a long term, the penis will actually generate new blood vessels and repair old, malfunctioning ones. This will in turn improve blood flow to the penis and improve erectile quality for many patients.

Use of supplements

Another important area of study when it comes to men’s sexual health is the use of supplements to help improve blood flow to the penis. At the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, staff will analyze a patient’s nutritional profile and identify any areas that may be lacking as contributing to erectile dysfunction. By prescribing supplements rather than drugs, many patients find that they are able to go back to fully-functioning sexual health without risking the side effects that may come with prescription medication.

While erectile dysfunction is a common issue for men as they age, it by no means needs to be a hopeless one. For any many suffering from the effects of a sexual dysfunction, a trip to a medical professional like Dr. Dov Rand can be a huge step forward. Consider such an action if erectile dysfunction is affecting your life.

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