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Bonafide Launches Specialized Medical Billing Software for Chiropractic Offices

New Solution Means More Revenue and Less Stress for Chiropractic Practices

Bonafide Management Systems, which offers fully integrated billing and software solutions to medical practices, today announced that it has launched specialized services for chiropractic offices. The Bonafide chiropractic solution includes easy-to-use, powerful Practice Management Software, Electronic Health Records, inventory control software, and a U.S.-based, highly experienced medical billing team.

“Chiropractors love working with our experienced software and billing team and appreciate our 30+ years of experience,” says Larry Lai, President and CEO, Bonafide Management Systems.  “But what they really enjoy is that with Bonafide’s complete solution they are making more money in their practices with less stress.”

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Bonafide’s qualified practice experts have personally been involved in running and managing medical practices and chiropractic offices. They work side-by-side with chiropractors and their staff to ensure that the practice runs smoothly and at maximum potential.

The company’s highly qualified U.S.-based billing experts maximize chiropractic office revenue. Since medical billing is complex, and only getting more so, Bonafide helps chiropractic offices navigate the intricacies of reimbursement and compliance assurance. A complete software suite of Practice Management Software, Electronic Health Records, and inventory control software is included with Bonafide’s billing services.

“What sets us apart is that we aren’t just software or billing … we offer both in a single, one-stop solution,” says Lai. “You don’t have to pay any software subscription fees or overhead; you just pay a fraction of the revenue we collect for your practice.”

Bonafide is offering a free Accounts Receivable (AR) analysis to all chiropractic medical offices. Sign up at

Bonafide Management Systems offers an end-to-end, fully integrated billing and software solution that simplifies practice management and increases revenue. Bonafide’s solution includes easy-to-use, powerful Practice Management Software, Electronic Health Records and inventory control software and a U.S.-based, highly experienced medical billing team. Bonafide offers a free AR Analysis, which will identify opportunities to increase your practice revenue easily and quickly.

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