Best Video Marketing Strategy For Healthcare Industry- Tips and best practices

Updated on June 23, 2023

The healthcare industry has seen a significant shift since the outbreak of COVID-19, and now digital healthcare or telehealth is the most popular service among patients. Online videos have gained great importance to help patients understand the nuances and background of the healthcare services they are opting for. Doctors and medical workers are using video marketing to give their patients a glimpse of the procedures, the medical issues and outcomes to help answer their key questions.

As per a study by DigitalSherpa, 80% of online visitors watch a video instead of preferring to read a written piece of content. As the number of video and video searches continues to rise, video marketing is essential for the healthcare industry. In this blog, we’ll explore the best video marketing strategy for healthcare and how you can create professional-looking videos for your digital marketing strategy:

Create Videos to Educate the Audience

When creating a video, the first step is to recognize the kind of content and storyline that you want to share with the potential audience. The major reason why patients watch healthcare videos is to learn more about the problem they are facing. In this digital age, most patients will likely look for symptoms online, and often the search results amplify the issues than what they can be.

Healthcare information is readily available online, but patients are often confused given the lack of understanding, complex technical jargon, and even misleading information that’s available online. Using video marketing to educate the audience can help you stand out and establish a strong presence online. In addition, video content marketing helps to inform the patient about the technical nuances, processes and even understand the steps or compliance requirements for a certain medical procedure.

Focus On the Key Issues or Problems Faced by Your Patients

Health is one of the most precious things for anyone, and since most of the general audience are unaware of the issues they may be facing, trust is one of the most essential factors when opting for a healthcare service. Therefore, the videos you create need to make the patient feel comfortable and address their issues professionally, very much as you’d in person. In order to do so, focusing on a critical issue or explaining a particular subject is the best place to start!

To find a topic that you should cover in your videos, simply look at the most asked questions around your subject and start providing the answers for these primary issues. For example, if you are a therapist, you can talk about the many mental health issues people are facing in the current circumstances. Also, please provide details of the therapy they can opt for, the steps they can take and the benefits of this therapy to help them feel valued.

Remember, even when there is a pressing need for medical attention, most feel scared primarily due to uncertainty and lack of knowledge about medical procedures. The objective thus is to ensure that the patient understands and feels confident about a specific healthcare service. 

Tell a Story Using Real-Life Examples

While medical professionals and healthcare workers can easily relate to your medical jargon or processes, a wide range of audiences may miss your point unless it is explained from their point of view. To do so, healthcare videos should be focused on providing real-life examples or even patient testimonials. Again, the combination of your expertise and the patient sharing their experiences helps build reliability and trust. 

Since the patients share their own stories, the video is far more engaging and relatable. So as part of your video marketing strategy, when making healthcare videos, always try to be in the patient’s shoes and develop a story with your videos to help engage rather than seem like just another advertisement. You may even get into the details of the medical procedure by showcasing the steps, the instruments, and other related information to help craft a compelling story.

Keep the Video Engaging and Personalize It for Your Audience

94% of marketers believe that personalization is crucial for creating engaging videos and creating high ROI. And the entire point of trying to create content from the patient’s perspective is to ensure you can personalize the experience for them. Today, any search query will return multiple results, and personalizing your video to be focused on a specific issue or procedure will help increase engagement and thereby your video’s ranking.

Use the storyline to be specific to the patient, and think of the value you want to bring out. Many videos often have great content but miss out on creating the right storyline, which is why the viewer will likely lose interest or will simply not be sure of what to do next. Instead, keep the video engaging by keeping it simple, and at the very end, provide a proper Call To Action (CTA) or detail the next steps to let the patient know exactly what to do next.

Edit and Optimize the Videos Before Publishing

As the numbers tell, video marketing plays a vital role in building trust, especially in the healthcare industry. Patients are mainly unaware of the medical technology and procedures available to treat their specific problems, and a video can help answer their basic questions quickly. So start creating videos by focusing on a topic or an issue and create content that adds value for your patients.

When uploading your videos online and leveraging them for your digital marketing outreach, ensure the video is optimized for the selected channel. Whether it is platforms like Facebook, Instagram or video libraries like YouTube or Vimeo, your video has to have the correct aspect ratio and duration to be optimized and make the best use of the selected channel. Using video editors online can help you easily convert your videos to a vertical or horizontal aspect ratio depending on the platform you want to promote them on.

Additionally, make sure you create videos and edit them to get that crisp and professional touch. An online video editor can significantly help enhance your video. It enables you to edit out content or parts that are irrelevant and make additions to fine-tune the entire video. With proper transitions, background music and the option to add text overlays to explain complicated procedures, video editing can greatly enhance the overall outcome of your video.

And this is just the starting point for your video marketing strategy. Many experts believe that digital is poised to make an even more significant impact in the healthcare space, and videos will play a key role in ensuring your get noticed by your target audience. Therefore, start early and make sure you create videos that will help you not just today but also leave traces of your work online, as it will only amplify as time goes on!

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