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6 Mega Tricks to Enhance Dental Practice Efficiency

A dental practice is a complex undertaking as you have to handle every aspect of your operations effectively and efficiently. There isn’t just one area of your course, and the fact is you are already dealing with patients who don’t want to be there as most of them don’t enjoy spending time in the dentist’s chair. So, the most important of all is to take care of your patients and ensure their happiness.

Efficient dental practices see more patients & perform more procedures than inefficient practices. While they are getting their teeth cleaned or remaining still while you fill a cavity, they will observe every little thing that gets in the way of efficiency. Hence you have to optimize their visit to help nudge them toward a positive experience.

With a need to continuously fill up appointments, meet industry regulations, you need to focus on being efficient. Since the truth is, the efficiency of your dental practice impacts your patients’ satisfaction and, in turn, enhances all other aspects of your course. Here are six recommendations of mega tricks to make your practice more efficient –

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Start the day with proper Preparation

Start every day with a quick team meeting to get on the same page and know what to expect for the day. You can include:

  • Daily goals
  • Openings reserved for emergencies
  • Cancellations
  • List of patients to call
  • Respond to appointment reminders

With this follow-up, you and your employees are always ready to hit the ground running, and you will not be behind schedule. Even using smart recommendations, you can review the day’s appointments and quickly text or call any patients who still haven’t responded to their appointment reminders.

Mention Accurate Estimates of Procedure Times

Depending on how things work, you perhaps have a pretty good understanding of how long each type of dental procedure takes. It’s essential to keep the whole picture in mind and make a list of treatments and procedures to assign an estimated booking time for your patients. Consider how much time each patient requires as some may require additional time to calm their fears or give sedation. 

In the case where estimated times are off, things can get out of control quickly, and in some days, you can run behind your schedule, while some cases might leave you with large timeslots with nothing to do.

Make Return Appointments 

Another essential tip to enhance your dental practice is by making it a habit to encourage your front desk staff to schedule the next hygiene appointment before the patient leaves. Thus, you don’t have to reach out with a reminder call to a patient to plan their next meeting and minimize the work the front office has to do.

This approach is far easier to get a patient to change an existing appointment than to schedule a new one since every patient compulsorily leaves with an appointment. Enhance your practice efficiency while being efficient with other office tasks.

Reduce late arrivals and no-shows and enhance your Clinic Environment

If you have a running list of patients who would be available to come in for a last-minute appointment, then send dental appointment reminders to patients well ahead of time. This arrangement removes the barriers in Dental environments and especially lends help for patients looking for an appointment sooner than you have available. Most professionals have designed and created a dental surgery fitout space that is a bright modern space with an abundance of nature’s elements to focus on patient experience. 

The functional room is expertly equipped, and the patients are welcomed into a calm and pleasing environment. This strategy results in a practice with an overall feeling of professionalism and serenity.

Staff Training

Staff needs to be trained & retrained regularly, and they should know what questions to ask, how serious the problem is, & how much time the patient will need to be scheduled. Inform the policies and procedures to your staff to streamline their tasks at peak efficiency. Depending on their roles in the practice, you need to put your team in the best position to succeed. Eventually, they will get the rhythm and groove with tasks and will be able to complete them more quickly and with utmost efficiency.

Introduce Mobile Appointment Reminders

Syncing with the latest technologies, consider choosing an automated calling program or service that could help reminders and appointments through text messages or email. Introducing mobile appointment reminders will serve your patients based on their preferences, save a lot of time for your staff who would have spent coordinating mailers, and give them more scope to concentrate on better value-added projects.

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