10 Reasons Why Healthcare Workers are Admirable

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With the shift in working norms in almost every profession, the change in the healthcare system has also been significant during the COVID pandemic. It not only revolutionized healthcare practices but also made breakthroughs in the field of pharmaceuticals. All of this has elevated the ranks of healthcare workers. They are hailed as superheroes for pushing beyond their capacity and medical infrastructure, which was not designed to handle such massive global human catastrophes. From doctors to paramedical staff and nurses to pharmacists, the efforts of every single worker are indeed praise-worthy. However, despite the obvious reasons to appreciate this noble profession, there are more underlying factors to do so. Let’s discuss ten major reasons to be inspired by these real heroes.

  1. Noble Profession

Since known human history, healthcare providers have always been regarded as “angels in disguise.” They selflessly come forward to comfort others in the most difficult times. Be it war or pandemic, they are always among the frontline warriors. This has earned them a remarkable reputation among the people and is undoubtedly considered one of the noblest professions in the world. 

  1. Better Job Opportunities

The healthcare industry is reputed not only for its nobility but also for its ever-increasing demand in the market. One of the most compelling reasons to pursue any career is to find progressive career opportunities. This profession fits well to this criterion. Healthcare jobs are among the highest-paying jobs in the world, ranging from surgeons to nurses. Considering this, numerous institutions are offering online healthcare programs to make their reach accessible to aspirants. This way, they can benefit from remote learning to excel in their dream careers.

  1. Serve Across The Borders

Healthcare workers are not confined to nationalities and ethnicities; that’s the beauty of this profession. They work above these standards and never categorize humanity under labels. Nurses had been at the forefront in times of war, most notably the two World Wars and the Vietnam wars. Numerous UN healthcare service providers have recently worked in war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen. Moreover, an organization named Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is providing top-notch medical facilities in the most challenging scenarios.

  1. Unprecedented Nature Of Work

Healthcare professionals never work in a mundane environment; they encounter different types of cases every day. Unlike other professions that usually demand more structured and predefined tasks, healthcare services don’t usually work on predefined patterns. As exciting as it sounds exciting, it becomes equally challenging at times to deal with unprecedented situations, as recently during the COVID pandemic. The unmoving dedication in these health crises is another good reason to appreciate the work of medical and paramedical professionals.

  1. Service Delivery in Tough Work Hours

While a 9 to 5 job sounds unexciting, it provides the chance to settle down for a routine. Healthcare professionals do not get to enjoy such scheduled working hours. From long shifts that may last more than 24 hours to being available on call, this profession isn’t all relaxing. However, these selfless souls put others’ needs above their comfort. 

  1. Physically And Mentally Demanding Job

Healthcare professionals seen as hustling through the hospital corridors isn’t merely an exaggeration. It takes physical energy to perform this dutiful job which always keeps you on your toes and tests your nerves. Other than that, these professionals cannot afford any mental distractions, as any minor distractions may cause a loss of life. Such a nerve-wracking job deserves all the appreciation, making them stand out among other professionals from other professions.

  1. Bearing Psychological Stress

Often, medical professionals deal with patients that arrive in distressed conditions. It becomes hard to deal with such difficult situations where healthcare providers have to stay vigilant with their words and actions and handle the patients’ rough behaviors. Healthcare professionals are often at high risk of violence at work as compared to other professionals. This also increases their psychological burden, yet their dedication to their duty is commendable as they deal with intensely emotionally taxing situations.

  1. Risking Their Lives

Apart from bearing emotional and physical stress, healthcare professionals are almost always at risk of catching deadly infectious diseases. During the time of the COVID pandemic, frontline workers also paid a huge cost in the form of their lives. While everyone stayed safe and sound inside their homes, the healthcare workers braved the deadly virus face-to-face. WHO estimates the death of 115,500 healthcare workers during the COVID pandemic.

  1. Saving Millions of Lives

Millions of people around the world owe their existence to healthcare workers. Had it not been for them, many precious lives would have been lost. The advancement in research and development has also played a critical role in devising high-tech equipment and medicines. Healthcare professionals contribute their findings and studies to further improve medical practices and technologies apart from playing their role at the forefront.

  1. Self-Fulfillment

Despite all the challenges and adverse conditions, healthcare professionals carry a great sense of self-achievement and self-fulfillment that no other profession can offer. Doctors, nurses, and other supporting staff spend their days and nights serving humanity which takes them to the highest levels of self-attainment, which is an incomparable achievement. No matter how much one achieves in terms of money or fame, there is always an underlying conscience call to pay back to the community. Healthcare professionals don’t take this call as a secondary goal but rather make it the prime reason for their work.

Final Thoughts:

Healthcare professionals are transforming the lives of millions across the globe, whether in a remote village of Amazon or in the busiest streets of a metropolitan. Their services are unquestionable and are always admirable. The scope of the healthcare industry is expected to grow, be it surgeons, anesthetists, or nurses. Likewise, the opportunities to grow and excel in these careers are also immense. It’s about time to explore around and become part of the prestigious healthcare profession to serve humanity and yourself in the best possible manner.

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